Connecting with customers is a never-ending game of cat and mouse.

In order to capture their affections, we leverage more than sharp claws. The key to our success—and yours—is our strategy. We start every client relationship by analyzing where your business stands with your customers, in the market, in the universe, and in terms of your goals.

Next, we come up with a content plan to optimize what’s there and add to it. We get our outreach team to build links (and bridges) back to your website. We leverage social media and connections with large publications to get more eyes on you. We use every trick in the book—some we’ve even coined along the way—to get your brand’s message out there and heard. But most importantly, we make your company something customers want to interact with, brag about to their friends, and do business with for years to come.

Public Relations

Link Building. Give your content the legs it needs to find new audiences, existing customers, and ones you haven't met yet. We reach out to high ranking news stations, industry leading websites, and others with impressive domain authority, so that your content goes viral, traffic floods your website, and search engines bump you to the top of the rankings.

Traditional PR & Product Launches. We're experts at drumming up pomp and circumstance for your new product or business. We create press releases, schedule interviews to help you become a thought leader, increase brand awareness, get press mentions, and generate media hoopla. Wait 'til you see how fun it is to be in the spotlight.

Digital Marketing

Content. We call ourselves Witty Kitty because we creatively concoct content that your customers want to consume. Cat videos and the like are hard to contend with, but we make what you have to say relevant, entertaining, and the talk of the web.

Web Optimization. It's annoying when you click on a link and land on a completely unrelated page. Don't do that to your customers! Instead, let us help you with UX strategy, user experience, content, and sitemapping, so your customers find what they're looking for and fork over their moolah at a higher rate.

Social. How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many do you actually talk to? If your brand has thousands of followers, it does no good if they don't interact with you. We bridge the gap between social and your website, encouraging engagement and love for your brand.

Email Marketing. Don't waste your leads or your existing customer base! Keep in touch and keep making sales through our strategic email marketing campaigns.


Custom Classes & Training. Want to learn DIY digital marketing? We create tailored classes for teams and show you the ropes of whatever topics interest you most. Each session includes materials, instruction, a working session, and Q&A—so you can become masters of content.

Strategy & Outreach Planning. Everyone needs some advice every now and again. We can help push you in the right direction with your brand—after all, a cat always lands on its feet!


That get your blood pumping?

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