After working in the business for over 16 collective years, the planets aligned and put founding partners, Clair Jones and Caroline Maurer in the same room. Together, they shared their knowledge, passion for creativity, and major pet peeve for willy nilly strategy and jargon.

Once united, Clair and Caroline set out to build a digital marketing and PR agency to help businesses truly stand out, connect with their customers and communities, cause bumper-to-bumper online traffic, and get conversions.

Clair Jones / Chief Strategy Officer

Clair Jones CSO Witty Kitty CreativeMy greatest loves in life are writing and psychology. I’ve always been fascinated by the motivation behind the action, the emotion hidden in the facial expression, and the conflict between what people choose to say, versus what they’re thinking.

This is one of the many reasons I love to cultivate content that engages, enriches, and, most importantly, brings in links and brand recognition that can take a site from search engine hell to optimized heaven.

I started writing creatively when I was very young, and continued to explore the written word in high school. There, I published a very controversial underground student newspaper, which I distributed by tossing on the floor and slipping into lockers. It was very cool, and I was even cooler.

In college, I continued on this path by committing myself to journalism and sociology. I learned not only how to write for mass consumption, but how to research, interview, and charm the pants of pretty much anyone to get suitable quotes. Alas, when I graduated, I discovered that news writing didn’t thrill me. I enjoyed feature stories and profiling interesting individuals, but had no love for straight reporting.

I wanted to tell stories.

After a stint in Washington D.C. doing public relations and placing clients on popular radio programs, I started blogging. From there, I learned more about the editorial process for online publications. I found myself contributing to Huffington Post and Forbes, and placing content pieces in USA Today, Elle Decor, TIME, and many other respected publications.

My path has now brought everything I love and excel at together: digital public relations, blogging, content strategy, and project management. As the Chief Strategy Officer of Witty Kitty Creative, I bring all these skills to the table, and help deliver content that is so thought through, it practically sells itself.

Let’s talk some more at I’d be happy to set up a free 30-minute consultation to chat about how our strategy can change everything for the better.

Caroline Maurer / Chief Creative Officer

Caroline Maurer Chief Creative Officer Witty Kitty CreativeFrom a young age, I wanted to create—whether that was making “stews” out of grass and twigs in the backyard or creating sculptures from mangled bits of metal. Let’s just say, I played around in dress-up clothes for a little longer than was socially acceptable.

Fast-forward to senior year in college when my social awkwardness had diminished, but my passion for creativity had not. At this job-seeking juncture, I was in the midst of a quintessential mental breakdown. When my mom said, “Caroline, relax. You should just be an idea-maker.” I literally laughed out loud and scoffed at her lofty notion. Something so fun and perfect simply didn’t exist! I was doomed to toil in some boring office job until retirement saved me. Only Tom Hanks could jump on life-size keyboards all day long.

That is, until I found out copywriting was a thing. (Thanks, Mom.)

With copy, I was able to combine all of my strengths: creative thinking, strategic plotting, and the written word. I quickly applied for a job in Manhattan as a junior copywriter at an advertising agency. I hit the ground running for clients as diverse as animal welfare advocacy organizations and magical consumer wonderlands (rhymes with Smizney).

While my career has taken me up and down the Eastern Seaboard, across the country, and into many offices, only the scenery has changed. What remains constant is my drive to create and the inspired way I do so.

Witty Kitty not only makes my obsession with cats painfully obvious, but allows me to use my creative capabilities to help businesses grow.

Get in touch with me at to set up a free 30-minute consultation. At the very least, it’ll give you some food for thought about what you can do in-house to improve your biz.