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Content marketing is a full-time hustle. Do you spend 40+ hours per month on social media, ads, and digital marketing without seeing results? We’ll help you reach your goals for up to 50% less than the cost of an employee.

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When it comes to optimizing websites, engagement, paid ads, video, and SEO, we’re the cat’s meow. And subsequently, so are you.

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On paper, Witty Kitty is a digital marketing, website development, and public relations agency. In reality, we’re experts who help brands say the right things to the right people—so you’re seen, heard, and adored. Plus, we get to the point without BS or jargon.

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We don’t discriminate, but we do specialize in the health and wellness, medical and dental, sustainable lifestyle, and real estate development industries.


How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website for a Small Business?

So you're ready to build or rebuild a website for your business? Congrats! That's a critical step to legitimize your digital presence AND strengthen your marketing as a whole. 🙌🏻 Getting to this stage also means you probably have the same question as many dentists,...

6 Undeniable Signs You’re a #Bosslady

Being a #bosslady is hard work. We would know–we live that life all day every day, even when we're tired, frustrated, and want nothing more than to retreat and have a bowl of ice cream...or three. Being a #bosslady is about much more than running our business and...

“I’ve read all the entrepreneur books and blogs and still haven’t found success.” Here’s why.

Every entrepreneur has been there. Rolling your eyes at pompous advice or saying, "YES! That's how it has to be done." It's part of the be-your-own-boss journey. So is getting to a point where you feel like you're doing all the "right things" and still not kicking ass...

Your Guide to Content Buckets and Why Your Content Strategy Needs Them

Your business or medical practice has many facets and audiences. So how do you communicate your mission, offer value to customers and/or patients, and talk to each nuanced demographic equally? By creating content buckets and publishing content in each category at...

5 Tips: SEO for CBD Brands

SEO for CBD brands is pretty saturated right now, with new CBD and hemp extract businesses popping up every day. While it's an exciting time for small business owners who are spreading the healing properties of legal cannabinoids, it also means that your CBD business...

6 Simple Ways to Boost SEO on Your Business Blog

If you're reading this, you probably already have a basic understanding of search engine optimization. You've done everything you can to boost SEO on your business blog. You're already publishing a few blog posts a week, but you aren't seeing the results you want....

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