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Content marketing is a full-time hustle. Do you spend 40+ hours per month on social media, ads, and digital marketing without seeing results? Witty Kitty can help you reach your goals for up to 50% less than the cost of an employee.

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When it comes to optimizing websites, social media engagement, branding, paid ads, and SEO, Witty Kitty is the cat’s meow. And subsequently, so are you.

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On paper, Witty Kitty is a digital marketing, website development, SEO, and branding agency. In reality, we’re experts who help brands say the right things to the right people—so you’re seen, heard, and adored. Plus, we get to the point without BS or jargon.

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But we do specialize in clients who do good for the world. Health and wellness, green businesses, and marketing for women-owned businesses.

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When it comes to website design, content strategy, logo design, and digital marketing, our clients love to shout our praises from the rooftops. But you can also see them here.


Parts of a Website: 21 Basic Web Design Terms

Giving your web designer direction about parts of a website that are broken isn’t easy.  And communicating what you envision for a new website can be like translating your needs in a foreign language! You know exactly what you want your site to look like in your head and have some great examples. But you’re struggling to find the terminology needed to make it happen with your website designer or web developer.

While a marketing agency like Witty Kitty will hold your hand through the process, sometimes freelancers just don’t have the time or resources to help you understand or advise you of how your choices will impact website traffic and sales. When we’re building a site for one of our clients, these are some of the most common parts of a website that we get asked about!

8 Perks of Working with a Women-Owned Millennial Marketing Agency Like Witty Kitty

Yes, we're millennials. We're also a 100% women-owned millennial marketing agency.💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Are you rolling your eyes or breathing a sigh of relief? Either way, if you have a millennial demographic or want to resonate with Gen Z or Gen Alpha, here's why you should hire...

Search Engine Optimization: 17 Tips for Health and Natural Wellness SEO

Wellness is a $4.5 trillion industry that's growing by the day. This is fantastic news if you own a natural health and wellness business. The demand for your products and services is there! However, an oversaturated market also poses challenges. For instance, how do...

Green Marketing Guide: How to Market Your Eco-friendly Business in 2021

The appeal of green marketing isn’t really that hard to understand: It’s profitable for your brand and showcases your efforts to be a responsible business. However, companies wanting to hop on the granola-crunchy bandwagon sometimes need to be cautious. If you aren’t genuine, green marketing can easily backfire. Your customers want to see that you truly care about your supply chain, where and how you source your materials, the impact of your carbon footprint, and generally having as little negative impact on our planet as possible. To be an effective green marketer “going green” can’t just be a slogan–your business needs to truly commit to adopting sustainable practices. 

How Much Do a Logo and Branding Cost?

What words come to mind when you think of Coca-Cola? What about Pepsi? If Starbucks had a theme song, what would it sound like? Can you hear it in your head right now? Okay what about this: if Apple was a Spice Girl, which would it be? Or, if Nike was a gif, would it...

Our 10 Favorite Women-Owned Business Instagram Accounts

Instagram: everyone’s favorite place to post hot-dog-or-leg vacation selfies and #dogstagrams. Albeit, Instagram isn’t just a great place for mindless entertainment; it’s the place for businesses to market your products and/or services! The popular app has over one...

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