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Content marketing is a full-time hustle. Do you spend 40+ hours per month on social media, ads, and digital marketing without seeing results? We’ll help you reach your goals for up to 50% less than the cost of an employee.

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When it comes to optimizing websites, engagement, paid ads, video, and SEO, we’re the cat’s meow. And subsequently, so are you.

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On paper, Witty Kitty is a digital marketing, website development, and public relations agency. In reality, we’re experts who help brands say the right things to the right people—so you’re seen, heard, and adored. Plus, we get to the point without BS or jargon.

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We don’t discriminate, but we do specialize in the health and wellness, medical and dental, sustainable lifestyle, and real estate development industries.


Top 8 SEO Tools to Improve Organic Search Ranking

It can be hard and time-consuming to improve organic search ranking yourself! Especially if you aren't an SEO expert. Many small business owners have quickly increased their chances of showing up first in Google results, but it takes dedication and investment. To help...

Our 5 Favorite WordPress Themes of 2019 for Affordable Website Redesigns and Reskins

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The Entrepreneurs Guide to Working While Traveling

Working while traveling is not always as glamorous as your favorite digital nomad's Instagram feed would have you believe. I love to travel. In fact, my desire to travel is one of the main reasons that I decided to strike on my own as an entrepreneur. Sadly, with this...

22 Productivity Tips When You Work From Home in 2019

There aren't enough hours in the day. I'm too busy to get anything done. I'll just do it tomorrow. What are these? Valid thoughts, but ultimately, excuses we all make at work. As a digital agency, all we do is work from our couches and home offices. So how do we get...

Why We’re Passionate About Marketing for Health and Wellness Brands

We love marketing for health and wellness brands because their products are a huge part of our crunchy, healthy lives. Our daily uniform is yoga pants, and we are not ashamed! It's no secret that one of our main motivations behind founding Witty Kitty was to have more...

Why Witty Kitty Works with Sustainable Brands

Let us preface this article by saying we aren't insufferably righteous hippies—or chic-ies. We just want our lives and livelihoods to mean something. Did we lose you on the non-insufferable believability part? In all realness though, we founded Witty Kitty to do more...

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