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Content marketing is a full-time hustle. Do you spend 40+ hours per month on social media, ads, and digital marketing without seeing results? We’ll help you reach your goals for up to 50% less than the cost of an employee.

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When it comes to optimizing websites, engagement, paid ads, video, and SEO, we’re the cat’s meow. And subsequently, so are you.

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On paper, Witty Kitty is a digital marketing, website development, and public relations agency. In reality, we’re experts who help brands say the right things to the right people—so you’re seen, heard, and adored. Plus, we get to the point without BS or jargon.

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We don’t discriminate, but we do specialize in the health and wellness, medical and dental, sustainable lifestyle, and real estate development industries.


Why You Still Need to Invest in SEO Even if You Have a Great Google Maps Ranking

We taught a class this week about SEO basics and received a common question at the end: "Why do I need to invest time and money in my website's SEO if my Google Maps ranking is high?" And then... "If my Google Maps ranking is good, doesn't that mean my website's SEO...

7 Tips to Take The Stress Out Of Digital Marketing and Avoid Burnout in 2019

Weather, workload, unintended muffin top. Whatever's got you a-stressin', work on your mental health this April during Stress Awareness Month! For the sake of time, we're focusing on digital marketing as a stressor. Why? because we find many clients get in a tizzy...

2019 Tax Write-Offs for Business Owners and Expense Tracking Tools to Help

Business taxes and personal taxes are complicated. That's why it's so delightful they're even more enigmatic this year. Not. Of course, we're talking about the new tax code that went into effect as of January 1, 2019. But while we can all moan and groan about the new...

When and Why You Need an SEO Audit

What is an SEO audit and when/why do you need one? Let's start with the definition... The Definition of an SEO Audit An SEO audit scrutinizes your website to address issues that pertain to search engine ranking and organic search results as well as user experience....

20 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook presence is a huge part of your branding, so take care to optimize your Facebook Business Page to look professional with consistent branding and messaging to match your website. After all, your Page may very well pop up above your website in search...

Content Marketing for Chiropractors: 20 Tips for 2019

As a chiropractor, your competition is as stiff as your patients! Content marketing for chiropractors is more important than ever with many new patients booking their appointment and finding their practitioner online. Video, blogs, social media, and even print...

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