Is Twitter for business new to you? Are you trying to decide where to spend your social media marketing budget this year? Do you want to learn more about what to do with Twitter’s ever-evolving algorithm and channel in 2018? In 2017, Twitter was the second favorite social media platform for businesses. That’s why we put together eight tips to make the most of your time, money, and effort on Twitter this year.

1. Use Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats are Twitter’s version of Facebook Live. These live conversations center around one hashtag—existing or new. We love leveraging Twitter Chats because the people who attend are engaged and passionate about the topic at hand—your ideal kind of customer!

Before you host a Twitter Chat, plan your talking points. Create answers to anticipated responses so you can engage quickly, effectively, and in a tone that’s true to your brand. Don’t forget to cross promote your Twitter Chat too on your other social channels and website. This will ensure you get a great turnout and feedback.

2. Go Beyond Text

Images, video (including Periscope), polls, and contests get higher engagement than posts that only feature copy. According to Twitter, tweets with images get over 300 percent more engagement than text posts. Likewise, video garners more than double the amount of responses and retweets and nearly twice the amount of favorites. Test different methods of posting and see what does best for you! Every audience is unique, so staying nimble will help you optimize and amplify your Twitter presence.

3. Spend Time Responding

You know how customers demand instant gratification nowadays? Well, that holds true for tweets too. One study revealed that nearly half of all users expect businesses to respond to them within the hour. Do your best to engage with your customers and answer their questions and respond to their comments. Doing so will benefit your brand’s reputation, strengthen your relationship with customers, and take steps to closing a sale.

4. Complete Your Profile

If you were online dating and only listed your name and pixelated photo, do you think many people would contact you for a date? Probably not. The same goes for your Twitter profile. It’s really important that you write an engaging and relevant bio, upload high-quality profile and header images, include your whereabouts and website link, and link to verified users. This will help Twitter give you the coveted little blue checkmark! It’s a symbol that you’re to be trusted—which we know is as good as gold in the world of customer relations.

5. Retweet and Tag

Want to make your followers feel special? Retweet something that they have to say! Also, get used to tagging people, influencers, and businesses with the @ sign. The word of influences increases the likelihood of persuading someone to buy from you by 40 percent! That’s why it’s so important to get on their radar.

6. Choose Hashtags Wisely

According to Twitter, tweets with hashtags get 16 percent more retweets. However, you should stick to two or you might hurt your exposure and engagement. When choosing your hashtags, select those that are popular. Also, pay close attention to trending topics and how they pertain to your brand, the hashtags customers are using, hashtags that your competitors post, and other tags that get a lot of traction. Always use hashtags you’ve carefully investigated because some may not be what they sound like—and you don’t want to get tied up in a PR nightmare.

7. Be Both Timely and Proactive

Your Twitter content should be both proactive and reactive. That means you should look forward to holidays and anticipated events and create Tweets and content around that. While you’re doing that, stay on your toes for current, breaking, or trending events and capitalize on the momentum by tweeting in real time. This requires more monitoring and spontaneous work, but it’s well worth it to join the conversation instead of missing out on an opportunity to grow your following and engage with customers.

8. Schedule Your Posts

Manually posting every tweet gets old—and unmanageable. Use a scheduling platform of your choice to ensure you have at least one tweet scheduled per day. FYI, the current best times to tweet are noon, 5:00 P.M., and 6:00 P.M..

Twitter is one of the best platforms for small to mid-sized businesses. Get onboard and start using Twitter to grow your brand awareness and sales in 2018! And once you’ve mastered Twitter, learn how to optimize your Instagram channel for better conversion and engagement.


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