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5 Dental Practices Rocking It On Instagram

Running a dental practice is busy. However, making time for social media is worth it! We love Instagram for dentists, oral surgeons, periodontics, and endodontics because it provides visual content people want to see and follow—like before and after photos of teeth...

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Email Marketing 101: This is Why Dentists and Health and Wellness Brands Need It!

You have your social media channels firing on all cylinders. You have a blog. Your ads are up and running. Do you have an email marketing program to seal the deal? You should!
Email marketing is a vital piece of your digital strategy—allowing you to turn strangers into patients, clients, or customers. Plus, a savvy email marketing strategy builds better relationships with your existing patrons too, so they continue to do business with you.

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15 Tips for Great Logo Design and Branding

Strategizing the logo design and branding for your business is one of the most exciting phases of business development! You get to embark on a creative journey that will solidify your brand style guide and form your brand's signature look, feel, and mood. You want to...

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Does Your Small Business Need SEO Website Copy?

Absolutely! If you want your small business to compete with big businesses, you need to optimize content with SEO website copy. Why? Because targeted website copy kicks off a positive SEO and sales cycle. Here's how that positive domino effect works: To start,...

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Green is Gold: Digital Marketing for Sustainable Brands

Marketing for sustainable brands is about to lead you to greener pastures, my friend. Nielsen discovered that “products with sustainability claims generally outperform the growth rate of total products in their respective categories.” Let’s put this into terms we all understand: chocolate. In 2018, chocolate sales as a whole grew 4.5 percent, while sustainable chocolate sales grew 16 percent. Trends in the report show us more people spend their paychecks on green businesses. That’s great news for your sustainable brand! However, it also means there’s competition to win these customers. You’re not just dealing with new competition either; established brands are wising up and creating sustainable alternatives as well. Get ahead of competitors, win life-long customers, and promote conscious capitalism by upping your marketing game.

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