When you think of a feminine logo and brand kit, what do you see in your mind’s eye? For most people, it’s a blush pink and champagne palette, romantic mood boards, and dramatic fonts that mimic a lover’s handwriting. While that may be an accurate stereotype, when it comes to feminine logos, it’s super limiting.

Feminine branding does not have to be girly. And it can be effectively used to attract both male and female consumers alike. In fact, a feminine logo statistically results in more sales than masculine branding. On average, 55% of the top 100 brands each year have feminine names. 

Quick Feminine Branding Pointers

It’s not just about the color palette, but sometimes…it IS. So, what makes a distinctly feminine logo and brand kit pop? 

Choose Your Color Palette Wisely

We suggest choosing a color palette of no more than 6 complimentary tones. We always love a solid light and dark contrast shade, mixed with a few pops of vibrant color that communicate the mood of the brand.

  • Dark, rich shades like charcoals, greens, and browns = more masculine
  • Pastels, jewel tones, and brights = feminine slant
  • Neutrals and muted color palettes = can ride the line between feminine and masculine

But branding is all about the unexpected. You can pair a feminine color palette with a masculine font for some drama…

Perfectly Pair Your Fonts

What will your font say about your brand? Is it luxurious? Loud? Demure? Quirky? Slick? Can your font selections convey all of these things to your audience? You can combine feminine typography in your logo with sans serif fonts for web and print use. Maybe your logo is feminine but your tagline appears in a more masculine font to complement it?

  • Slanted, serif fonts or script typography + light, thin, and wispy font weights = feminine
  • Block font styles, bold weights, and heavy typography with shadows = masculine
Shape Up
Your mood board can also convey the identity of your brand. Make sure to select images, textures, and patterns that match your desired audience. This will help employees and freelance workers get your “vibe”.
  • Flat, raw shapes or dark color blocks = masculine
  • Soft edges, whimsical patterns, and dimensional shapes = feminine

Don’t Cheap Out

There are many things in life you could and should get at a bargain price. We love Home Goods and ThreadUp as much as the next budget-conscious boss babe. But your logo and brand kit is not something to cheap out on. It’s literally the face and feel of your business. If you’re wondering how much you should invest in a solid brand identity kit, here’s an article we wrote about that topic!

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10 Examples of a Flawless Feminine Logo
Without further adieu, here are 10 examples of feminine logos our clients often bring us when searching for their own brand image.

1. Marie Forleo

Please, Marie, take all of our money. Marie is a motivational life coach who helps men and women (mostly women, we’d bargain) get started and become successful at whatever they want to do in life. She rubs elbows with the likes of Richard Branson, Oprah, and Liz Gilbert, and she isn’t afraid to broadcast her celeb connections on her website homepage.

We love her logo because it’s simple, classy, and gives both masculine and feminine vibes. While her business is obviously tailored more toward the female demographic, her branding doesn’t exclude men. The blush and black color palette read approachable luxury and business casual without screaming “I am woman”!

2. Love Wellness

As a women’s health brand, Love Wellness has perfected the feminine logo. You immediately know the target audience for this brand. And if you don’t, the word vagina appears enough times on the homepage copy to remind you!

We love the bright but not blinding color palette and cute but not cutesy typography. Plus, the innuendo of the logo is very tongue in…cheek. 

3. Smart Sweets

Simple and sweet—and smart! We love how in-your-face this logo and branding are. A bright color palette and tilted, fun typography logo help the company stand out in a sea of stiff competition. We’re also digging a subtle nod to the brand’s plant-based fiber ingredients represented by the leaf in the logo.

Packaging is unique enough to grab the attention of even the most hardened anti-snacker. And the guilt-free messaging has carb-conscious men and women ready to fill their carts.

4. Maison Louis Marie

Maison Louis Marie’s bold, black font appeals to men, while the sensuous, flowery background imagery speaks to women. The sophisticated, neutral color palette is also inviting to both male and female consumers. This is a wise move, as some of their business likely stems from gift purchases. We love the simplicity of this logo and color palette.

5. Lite + Cycle

The Lite + Cycle logo is another simple typography-based concept, and we dig the all (or mostly) uppercase font choices. The decidedly serif wings of the typography logo pair well with the more masculine, bold, sans serif paragraph font.

This color palette, though. Isn’t it stunning? Feminine and fresh af. Cheerful and calming, but full of energy. We love it!

6. Crabtree & Evelyn

From skincare to home goods, this brand has something for everyone. Even though C&E’s branding is instinctively feminine, it’s inclusive. Some of their product lines and packaging tailor more to men, and they keep things versatile with a simple, clean typography-driven logo that can be transformed through the use of color. 

We also love how they include a “Support As You Shop” icon to remind shoppers that a percentage of each purchase goes toward charity. Masculine font + feminine hand and heart = a well-balanced design element!

7. Apothecary Company

With a rectangular logo, you might be tricked into thinking this skincare and aromatherapy logo is masculine. But thin typography and a pale pastel color palette give it feminine flair

Apothecary Company’s packaging design is delightfully witchy and makes us think of tarot cards and magical potions—a perfect fit for their brand.

8. Menla

Although this brand’s name may start with “men” it ends with a very feminine “la”! This brand offers wellness retreat hosting and event spaces for men AND women, including spa services. So it’s branding needs to be approachable but high-class. With a logo reminiscent of a mountain in the clouds, it speaks both to rugged-terrain mountain men and nature-loving ladies with masculine and feminine design elements. 

The limited royal blue, grey, and white color palette is harmonious with the brand’s mood of relaxation, retreat, and embracing buddhist principles.


While we don’t love that the typography is a bit hard to read, we majorly love the originality of this hand-scrawled logo. It makes us imagine an adventure on a winding, curvy road. Who doesn’t want to go on vacation…or light up a luxury candle that at least smells like out favorite destination?

Soft pink is the main color in this palette, but each product line of candles has its own palette when it comes to packaging design. This is super smart because it sets the mood for each of their different scent escapes. This branding is telling a story, and that’s something you should always strive to do with your logo and brand kit!

10. beauty bakerie


beauty bakerie is full of sugary-sweet, ice cream shop whimsy. This brand’s logo is a typically masculine brown tone. But with a cute, handwritten, cursive logo and candy-colored graphics, they’re very obviously appealing to women. And they’re doing it well.

This logo is a prime example of an all-out feminine brand. They know their audience, and they are not afraid to be niche. While men certainly may buy makeup, the type of consumer that shops with this brand will be nothing but pumped about how “girly” the logo and packaging are!

How Do I Create My Own Feminine Logo?

If you’re looking to give a personality to your brand but don’t quite know where to start, we can help!

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