Brainstorming Instagram post ideas for health coaches can be HARD. You’re busy, you’re tired, and you’re feeling just plain uncreative! But consistency is one of the most important aspects of your social media presence. Even if you’re not firing on all cylinders, you must post at least 3 times a week. 

And you can’t just post to be posting. Health coach content needs to be strategic. The health coaching industry is constantly growing—it represents a $6 billion dollar service market in the U.S.! That means the competition is stiff. To gain followers your social media game will need to be just as strong as your work ethic.

Want engagement-worthy, attention-grabbing social media content ideas?  Put down the barbells. Stow that yoga mat. Settle in with your favorite protein shake…

Here are 18 effective Instagram post ideas for health coaches!

1. Before & After Images 

What does every prospective client want to see when they follow your health coaching social feed? Results. Results! RESULTS!

Did they lose 20 lbs of abdominal fat? Gain 5 lbs of lean muscle? Improve muscle tone and definition? Did they go from pizza and nachos to…healthier pizza and nachos? Let your followers know!

2. User-generated Content

User-generated content is content posted by your clients that you can share on your feed, with permission. Or share in your Stories. You can also create a Highlight that is focused solely on user-generated success stories and photos, like @kayla_itsines. Create a branded hashtag like #BBGcommunity or #BBGprogress so you can search for user-generated content regularly. Or hold a weekly contest to reward users for posting!

3. Expert Advice

Your audience follows you for a reason. What they want most is access to your expert knowledge on health. So give it to them! 

You can do this by creating short-form written content to go along with your Instagram post. Or by posting an educational video. Offer deeper knowledge into a common health misconception. Expose a long-standing fitness myth. Take a deep dive into a wellness topic most people don’t know much about—like kelp! 

4. Tell Your Story 

The best way to bring yourself closer to your audience and get them emotionally invested? Share the story of your own health journey! 

People want to know they can believe what you say, so help build trust by sharing your own health transformation. Show that you are real and willing to be vulnerable. 

Make sure to regularly share posts detailing your personal story. Why? Because if you’re actively growing your audience through consistent posting, that new audience will need to be introduced to who you are and what you’re about. 

5. Giveaways! 

Who likes free stuff? Everyone! Branded giveaways are one of the most popular ways to increase engagement and boost the visibility of your content. 

Create a regular schedule around this strategy. You could do it once a month or once every few months. Get creative here too! You can cross-promote new services or content like an e-book, podcast, or Youtube channel in this type of Instagram post. 

Giveaways are a slam dunk when it comes to boosting engagement and gaining new followers.  

6. Partnerships

Partnerships are a great way to leverage your audience and a colleague’s (or friend’s) audience at the same time. Create content that you can cross-promote to help grow your audience and your opportunity for new clientele. 

You can do this by offering (virtual) workshops or an IGTV workout video. Another great way to leverage a partnership is with a giveaway post. Here you can get creative with the kinds of partners for your health coaching brand

Maybe you have a friend that makes nutritious snacks, essential oils, or deodorant. Think outside the box here! If your partner’s business aligns with yours in values this alone is often enough to see how your brands could work together. 

7. Seasonal Posts

There’s so much you can do to leverage seasonal posts to create quality content for your audience as a health coach. 

Talk about how to avoid weight gain during the holidays or how to best leverage those fun summer months to burn more calories outdoors. Give your followers a warming soup recipe to help them stay warm during winter, packed with healthy ingredients. 

Seasonal content always works well because it leverages something shared; things you might have in common with your audience. Even if it’s as simple as the time of year and the challenges or opportunities it offers. 

8. Take Advantage of #TrendingHashtags

Trends come and go in every industry, but possibly none more so than in health and wellness!

Are chia seeds the ultimate antioxidant? 

Is coconut oil superior to olive oil? 

Is kale really a magical superfood? Or is it packed with heavy metals…

Can charcoal powder legit whiten your teeth naturally?

You get the picture. Share your opinion and take advantage of trending hashtags and health debates on Insta. 

9. Client Video Testimonials

What’s better than a before and after image? A relatable video of your client actually talking about the real-life healthy changes they’ve experienced. Video testimonials can convince prospective clients that what you offer is superior to the competition.

10. Answer FAQs

Another winner in Instagram post ideas for health coaches is sharing answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

Do you often get a particular wellness question in your dm’s or email inbox? Address it on your feed or in Stories! If you’re just starting your business, you can also just prepare your own questions preemptively. Cover these FAQ topics in a short video or deep dive into more complex subjects on IGTV. 

11. Share Your Routine

Do you have the absolute best tips to wake up on the right side of the bed and have a productive, healthy day? 

Which healthy foods or nutritional supplements do you eat during a typical day? 

Give your audience a peek behind the curtain into your daily life. Your audience will feel like they know you better and will trust you more. Plus, it’s as easy as snapping a quick candid photo!

12. Bite-size Infographics

Mini infographics are a great way to share valuable information in an easily-digestible form. Educate your audience at-a-glance by pairing a cute design with bulleted tips, tricks, or fun facts.

13. Promote Your Blog 

Long-form written content is the best way to educate and inform! And it’s awesome for search engine optimization. To help get more eyes on your latest blog post, share a teaser post in your feed or make a Story, and add the link to your vlog in your bio.

The more people you can move from your Instagram audience to your website, the better. Once they’re on your site, they can learn much more about your services than they could on your social feed. 

14. Written Testimonials and Reviews

Did they leave a 5-star review singing your praises on Facebook or write you a flattering text or email? Nothing appeals to your audience more than genuine, authentic written testimonials and reviews.

Most consumers trust other customers more than they trust brands and advertising. Why? Folks want to know that what they’re investing in works! No matter what the product or service is, you have to earn your audience’s trust if you want to earn their business. 

There’s no better way to build trust in your brand than sharing your clients’ feedback in your Instagram content. Encourage your clients to share written reviews on your website or Google Business page. Then create graphics of their review for your Instagram feed.

The positive reviews will help boost your website on search engines and also boost confidence in the quality of your services to your audience. Just make sure to ask permission before sharing personal messages! 

15. Accomplishments & Awards

If you’ve been recognized in the health and wellness industry by an award, certification, or other honor, share it up! This helps builds brand recognition and establishes you as a legit health coach your followers can trust.

16. Inspirational Quotes

Whip up a quick design in Canva and share one of your favorite inspirational quotes about mental health, fitness, or holistic wellbeing. These types of posts are super shareable! Plus, they’re easy to make in advance for days when you’re short on time.

17. Favorite Gear and Supplements

Did you recently discover a new protein powder that’s upped your smoothie game? Or maybe a self-improvement book that offers fresh mental health insights you find valuable? Have you tested a popular waist trainer and hated it?

Your audience will find this info helpful and useful! Plus, if you can show other brands that you earn engagement on these types of posts, you might luck out and land lucrative sponsorships. 

18. Re-invent Stock Photos

Sometimes you just can’t snap an original photo, and that’s ok. There are plenty of stock photography sites that can fill in gaps in your content creation. Just make sure to spice up your image with an overlay or filter and add your branding. If you do a great job, your audience won’t even know it’s a stock photo!

Need high-quality images for your health coach Insta? Check out How To Source Images For Your Health & Wellness Instagram Channel.

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