Cannabis is here to stay and so is cannabis content marketing. This medicinal plant was once sold in secret. But with widening legalization, many cultivators, distributors, and dispensaries now find that their cannabis content marketing has to be on point if they want to attract emerging medical and recreational customers. It’s no surprise that “green” businesses are flocking to hire agencies like Witty Kitty to help them scale their content strategy.

If you’re launching a new cannabis business or need to reinvent your strategy and need some inspiration, look no further! Here are five brands that are kicking major butt at cannabis content marketing.

1.The Grow Sisters

These babes know a lot about bud. Their business, Blessed Coast Farms, seeks to educate women about all things cannabis. Grow Sisters started as a marketing tactic but has grown to be so much more—a sisterhood helping women overcome the “grass ceiling” boys club of cannabis cultivation. Through their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, they offer support, know-how, and industry advice to their “sister” cannabis professionals.

2. Charlotte’s Web Hemp CBD

Charlotte’s Web is a game-changing hemp CBD company founded by the Stanley Brothers of Colorado. They lead the industry in hemp oils, capsules, topicals, and pet products, and have helped to mainstream CBD as a medical asset. Their blog and social media posts educate parents about the benefits of hemp CBD, which does not have psychotropic effects. Because of the accessibility of their brand, they’ve been able to shatter many of the taboos surrounding hemp—many children use their products to find relief from chronic pain and disease.

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Lovingly referred to as the “Hermès of Marijuana”, BEBOE is injecting some much-needed glamour into cannabis culture. With luscious pastel lifestyle photography and mouthwatering (but simple) copy, they’re starting to dominate Instagram with almost 55k followers. It’s inspiring to see yet another successful cannabis brand that is tailored specifically to the needs and desires of women. If cannabis can be associated with luxury, then it has taken a huge step forward as an industry! We, along with thousands of other American women, are very jealous of those immaculate manicures.

4.Mother Indica

Erin Willis founded her cannabis wellness brand, Mother Indica, after struggling with post-partum depression. She believes that cannabis can be a powerful healer, and wants to spread the word through her blog, social media accounts, and workshops. We love Erin’s content because she presents cannabis education in a light that translates not only to “stoners” but also Honest Company-loving strong mamas who preach yoga and natural products. Because cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all industry!

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5. Lord Jones

This high-brow maker of cannabis tinctures, self-care products, and candies makes us feel like we’re having high tea while wearing a fascinator. They have a similar effect on their 47.6k Instagram followers and 2,751 Facebook fans. Who doesn’t want a CBD-loaded, old fashioned gum drop? Lord Jones drives their content marketing home by urging its audience to sign up for their email newsletter in typical fashion: “Sign up to receive the word of the Lord”.

The cannabis market is undeniably saturated—cannabusinesses now realize they can only grow their budding brand through strategic social media, educational articles, bias-shattering ads, and general cannabis content marketing kickassery. We’ve worked within the Cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries for the past few years, watching it change and grow. If you’re going it on your own, we hope these five brands will inspire you to create great content on your own. If you need help, reach out to Witty Kitty on our Contact Page!




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