With constant changes in federal and state legislation, legal medical cannabis and CBD have become more available to customers. Subsequently, customers are demanding more of it. A recent study of 2,000 people revealed that 1,500 used CBD in the past three months. Other surveys show that the majority of Americans support federal legalization of marijuana. That means, the need for FDA-compliant CBD and medical cannabis content marketing is at an all time high…no pun intended.

Many cultivators, distributors, and dispensaries now find their CBD and cannabis content marketing has to be on point if they want to attract medical and recreational customers. It’s no surprise that “green” businesses are flocking to hire agencies like Witty Kitty to help them scale their content strategy.

If you’re launching a new CBD or cannabis business or need help updating your marketing, look no further! Here are our favorite brands that set the bar high in CBD and cannabis content marketing—including social media.

Brands Doing Medical Cannabis Content Marketing Right

The Grow Sisters

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We originally spotlighted this company in 2018, and it’s still on our list. The Grow Sisters consistently post high quality social media content and responsibly engage its following. Plus, the main business, Blessed Coast Farms, seeks to educate women about all things cannabis.

The Grow Sisters started as a marketing tactic but has grown to become so much more—a sisterhood helping women overcome the “grass ceiling” boys club of medical cannabis cultivation. Through its website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube channels, the company offers support, knowledge, and industry advice to its “sister” cannabis professionals.

So, what marketing tips should you glean from this company’s Instagram presence? Especially since it doesn’t sell anything directly,  but exists as an educational beacon for the medical marijuana industry? The use of high quality imagery, regular posting cadence, and authentic voice. We love that the personality of this brand shines through in everything it posts—from copy to imagery and video. Make sure you identify your brand voice and guidelines and create a style guide so your brand communicates consistently and to your audience in everything you post.

The Top CBD Brands Doing Content Marketing Right

Charlotte’s Web Hemp CBD

Charlotte’s Web is a game-changing hemp CBD company founded by the Stanley Brothers of Colorado. It leads the industry in hemp oils, capsules, topicals, and pet products, and has helped mainstream CBD as a medical asset. Its blog and social media posts educate parents about the benefits of hemp CBD, which does not have psychotropic effects. Because of the accessibility of its brand, CW’s been able to shatter many of the taboos surrounding hemp—many children use its products to find relief from chronic pain and disease.

As you’ve noticed, we’re mostly focusing on Instagram presences here, but this is a good example of CBD blog content. We highly recommend you publish blog articles at least twice per month. Then, you can drive traffic from your social media channels to your website. You can also use these blogs in email marketing campaigns.


CBD content marketing

NAAWK demonstrates CBD Instagram marketing done right. Its ideal audience is very clear: extreme sports athletes who use CBD to recover and find a balance after training or competing. The visuals it posts are all on brand and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it posts regularly which is a big factor for a successful CBD Instagram account. We also love its strategic use of Instagram Highlights to promote its Stories. Use Highlights to give your Stories a longer lifespan than the standard 24-hours, and show off your products and services by category.


Social media marketing cannabis brands

Lovingly referred to as the “Hermès of Marijuana”, BEBOE injects some much-needed glamour into CBD and medical cannabis culture. With luscious pastel lifestyle photography and mouthwatering (but simple) copy, it’s a major player on Instagram with over 70,000 followers—up 15K since we spotlighted this brand in 2018! If you’re aiming to grow your Instagram in 2020, this is a brand to emulate.

Take notice of this brand’s short yet engagement-centered captions, use of hashtags, and etherial photography. Everything Beboe posts is eye-catching. The message this brand communicates is also something to admire. It’s inspiring to see yet another successful CBD brand that tailors its marketing specifically to women. If CBD can be associated with luxury, then it has taken a huge step forward as an industry! Make sure your CBD brand has something to say that’s unique and powerful. Then, it’s sure to stand out.

Lord Jones

Medical marijuana and CBD marketing

This high-brow maker of CBD tinctures and self-care products makes us feel like we’re having high tea while wearing a fascinator. It has a similar effect on its nearly 90,000 Instagram followers—a following that has doubled since we posted about this company in 2018! While we would absolutely optimize this Instagram for Business profile and add strategic Highlights with more Instagram Stories, we do overall really like what this brand does with its social media marketing.

Pay attention to its use of user-generated posts—like the one of Selma Blair endorsing its product. You can leverage your audience in the same way to build trust with your audience. Let them do the talking and touting of your products. Then, create a post about it and make sure to tag them!

The CBD and medical cannabis markets are undeniably saturated. That’s why it’s so important for cannabusinesses and CBD supplement brands to grow their budding brands through strategic social media, educational articles, bias-shattering ads, and general content marketing kick-assery. We’ve worked within the medical cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries for years, watching them change and grow. If you’re focusing on improving your content marketing this year, we hope these brands will inspire you and steer you in the right direction. If you need help, we’re always here to help.

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in September 2018. It’s been completely revamped to include the latest tips, stats, and businesses kicking butt in CBD and medical cannabis content marketing.