Beautifully executed content looks polished and professional, but content on its own doesn’t have legs to get in front of the right people. To make your content go viral, increase your website’s search engine ranking, and drive more traffic to your website faster, you need to combine top-notch content with public relations/outreach. It really does take two to tango.

To get you started, here are five incredible tools that not only connect you with editors and publications, but help you track your success.

1. RocketReach / $49 per month

RocketReach is a modern day phonebook—but for email addresses. It finds the emails of journalists, bloggers, and content writers by pulling information from LinkedIn, Google, AngelList, and Crunchbase. While the tool isn’t always 100 percent accurate, it does take a lot of the legwork out of tracking down emails. Plus, it helps you reach the right person so you get the best result.. To use RocketReach, you simply go to the professional profile of someone you wish to email, and use the RocketReach extension to search for an available email associated with that account.
RocketReachRocketReach has packages starting at $49 a month, giving you access to 170 emails per month for this price. The one negative with this tool is that your email search count includes unsuccessful emails. So, if you search for an email and don’t come back with a valid address that search still counts toward your allotted 170 emails. Boo! All-in-all, RocketReach is still a useful tool that connects you with the person you want to talk to.

2. Buzzstream / $25 per month

If you want to graduate from storing your media contact list in Google Sheets, Buzzstream is your tool. For $25 a month, Buzzstream downloads contacts from website contact pages, imports and exports .csv media lists, and systematically reaches out to your contacts with templated emails.Buzzstream
When you have thousands of people to email, Buzzstream really shows its value. With the tool, you can email contacts directly from a webpage using a standardized template and tailor it thanks to form fields and variables. This makes it possible to personalize each email without starting from scratch—a huge time-saver!

3. Yesware / $25 per month

For mass outreach automation, mail merges, and tracking open rates and link clicks, Yesware is hard to beat. While the software doesn’t harvest or store media contacts, it’s a simpler alternative for people who want to make templates, upload a contact list, and get to sending.YesWare screenshotThe pièce de résistance? Yesware lets you schedule email campaigns in advance. You can even schedule email campaigns with different stages, including multiple follow-ups. This feature makes YesWare well worth the cost of $25 per month.

4. Rapportive / Free

For a free tool, Rapportive offers a ton of value. It allows you to add connections on LinkedIn directly from email—something super useful when cold emailing. Rapportive also displays an image of most contacts along with all relevant information detailed on their LinkedIn profile, so you can jog your memory real quick. If you’re looking for a fast, easy, and free way to personalize your emails, Rapportive is for you.Rapportive Screenshot

5. Buzzsumo / $79 per month

Whether you’re brainstorming viral content ideas or getting curious about which outlets cover what type of content, Buzzsumo can help. This tool shows content trends and tells you where you should reach out for press coverage.BuzzSumo screenshotBuzzsumo’s Content Research tool comes in handy when searching for publications that might be most interested in your content. The tool even helps you get an idea of how much engagement your publications might generate on Facebook and social media channels. On top of it all, Buzzsumo gives you an inside look into what competitors are doing and ways you can improve upon their successful content.

There are plenty of useful tools available for content marketing and outreach these days, and many of them work seamlessly together to help you reach as many prospects as possible. However, these are the best of the best. Good luck in your content outreach ventures. May these tools make your job easier and more successful!