Does your lawyer Instagram earn engagement, bring in new clients, and represent your mission and values to your peers? Maybe you have a personal Instagram account that you use to promote your legal practice? Or perhaps you’ve gone as far as starting a business profile for your law firm. No matter your situation, your legal practice can even benefit from an Instagram presence!

As Instagram experts, we can pretty much guarantee that Instagram is the place to be for lawyers. It allows you to give a friendly face to your firm’s work, showing your personality and why you are passionate about your specialty. It’s also one of the best ways to maintain your brand online, where your clients spend plenty of time browsing high-quality images and video content.

If you’re dedicated to growing your practice through Instagram, these 6 impressive accounts will show you how to improve your feed and use it to snag clients.

1. @evansiplaw

Andrea H. Evans, an intellectual property attorney based in Chicago, Illinois, has done an amazing job of growing her legal practice Instagram following. She’s built her online brand through eye-catching photos, honest captions, and plenty of artful self-promotion. Author of the book, All About Inventing, Andrea frequently posts pics of herself with successful inventor clients and their products.

She does a great job of filling her bio with important facts, but our favorite part of her bio is that she also includes trust signals, like that she’s been seen on Make48, CBS, NBC, PBS, and ABC. She balances promotional posts with fun photos of her living her daily life that show her unique personality. Nice work, Andrea!

2. @crvlaw

Crystal R. Villasenor, of New York City, specializes in divorce and family law. Her Instagram bio makes us happy because she has incorporated not only important facts about her business like her phone number and website but also uses hashtags to bring more traffic to her profile. Lawyer Instagram accounts can use popular hashtags like #landlord #tenant and #realestatelaw to help clients find them. You can also use location-based hashtags like #NYCLawyer.

One of our favorite things about Crystal’s feed is that she has high-res photos of herself so her audience can get a sense of her personality. But she also incorporates plenty of actionable tips, quotes, and testimonials. If you aren’t yet using testimonials creatively like Crystal on your Insta…start!

3. @shaheenesq

As a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Shaheen Z. Wallace probably has some stiff competition. To set himself apart from the pack, he has embraced Instagram and Youtube as a way of engaging with potential clients.

Our favorite part about Shaheen’s feed is that he uses plenty of video to deliver tips and tricks to his audience. He also teases his YouTube videos on his feed and in his bio, sending traffic to his other main social media channel. He also responds to comments, giving personal attention to those who visit his profile. When it comes to promoting himself across multiple channels, Shaheen has lawyer Instagram on lockdown.

4. @nowthatsabadchick

Brooklyn Brewer is a lawyer who isn’t afraid to show her personality (and curves) on her Insta! We love that she shares her story of starting out from a bartender to being an attorney and business owner, as well as her family and faith, on her lawyer Instagram feed. Because clients get a taste of who she is, they know exactly what they’re going to get when they reach out to her for services.

We also appreciate that she makes good use of her Highlights, something many lawyers neglect to do on Instagram. Highlights allow you to save your favorite Instagram Stories to your profile. Brooklyn has a Highlight that showcases testimonials but also uses this space for fun personal content. This is a great example of how you can add lawyer spice to your personal or business Insta.

5. @thefamilylawyer

Laura Naser may only have 871 followers, but she has built them quickly. Hers is one of our go-to accounts for an example of engaging content. She gives her followers personal, raw posts about her everyday life. But she balances these with relatable tips that help people who are going through a divorce navigate the legal mayhem.

One thing we love about Laura’s profile is that she makes good use of her lawyer Instagram to promote herself as a successful wife, mother, and boss lady. She posts to get her book out there and to attract attention to guest appearances and events. She also uses humor to give brevity to some heavy subjects—like conscious uncoupling. Need more reason to love her account? Check out her creative use of Highlights, which she uses to draw attention to press she has earned!


Take your lawyer Instagram to the next level by adding breathtaking photography and design to your posts. Jessica T. Ornsby, of A + O Law Group, is a family and divorce lawyer who knows not to skimp when it comes to quality image assets and copy. She does regular photo shoots to make sure her feed stays fresh. She also posts designed quotes and legal tips and responds to questions posed by her 4k+ followers.

Her feed is a good mix of glimpses into her personal life and practical legal advice that helps potential clients find her. She also has an understanding of strategic hashtag use but doesn’t use so many that it’s distracting or tacky. We may be a little biased here–Jessica is a Witty Kitty client!

Hopefully, these 6 awesome lawyer Instagram accounts have you pumped to invest in the success of your own legal firm’s Instagram. We work with many lawyers who tell us Instagram brings them new clients! Insta can also help you build your industry credibility, land speaking events, and promote that podcast you keep saying you’re going to launch. Need help with your Insta? Drop us a line!

Editor’s Note: This post was previously published in 2019 and has recently been revamped by our team to offer the latest and greatest images, stats, and educational info. Enjoy!