Running a dental practice is busy. However, making time for social media is worth it! We love Instagram for dentists, oral surgeons, periodontics, and endodontics because it provides visual content people want to see and follow—like before and after photos of teeth whitening, outpatient cosmetic procedures, and beautiful smiles. Plus, Instagram helps dentists grow their practices by attracting new patients.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some dentists, dental students, and dental surgeons who are killing it on Instagram. This should give you some inspiration to incorporate into your own page so you can enhance relationships with current patients and build your business.

Our Favorite 5 Dental Practice Instagram Accounts


Now, we know that this is a famous oral surgeon with 173,000 followers and an exclusive partnership with Wilhelmina Modeling. However, it’s a great page to aspire to as a dental professional. What makes this page interesting is the type of content that’s posted. Dr. Toscano posts images of celebrity patients, dramatic before and after shots, and personal bits about himself. Here’s how you can create more interesting and engaging Instagram content like Dr. Toscano.

2. @Smileandcompany

Smile and Company has a modest 1,466 followers. Albeit, its account has a TON of personality and engagement with followers. As a dentist, you are your brand and so are the people you hire. Capitalize on this! Take photos of your office and let your personality shine through. For instance, the dentists in this office seem approachable, friendly, and understanding of fears people may have about dental visit. Instagram users are more likely to want to become your patient if they like who you are, so make a fantastic impression through your Instagram page. Here are some more ideas for social media and Instagram posts that your followers will love.

3. @Grandstreetdental

This dental practice has a healthy following because it posts quality content. Albeit, people are able to find this content and become followers because of hashtags. Notice how this New York dentist office uses broad hashtags like #dentist and location-based tags like #newyork. While they could drill down further (pun intended) to include even more niche tags like #brooklynnewyorkdentist or #dentistsofbrooklyn, they’re off to a great start to finding a relevant audience. Learn how to use hashtags wisely so you show up in front of more prospective patients.

4. @Dentalimpressions

This dentist is still in dental school! That’s why we love this account; he’s building his following so he’ll have a patient base as soon as he gets his license. One of the best tactics he uses is original and high-quality images. You can either take photos yourself, get your hygienists to snap pictures and video after every cleaning, or hire a photographer to come in once every couple months. If you need to resort to stock imagery in a jam (we don’t recommend doing this often), here are our favorite sites for free image sourcing.

dental practice Instagram marketing

5. @Sunnyfamilydental

Post regularly. It’s key to growing your dental practice’s Instagram following quickly and effectively—and retaining followers. That’s what this account does really well; the office posts every day. Aim to post once per day at least five days per week. Also, consider adding designed posts like this account does featuring tips and advice for added intrigue. If you’re worried about the time it takes to post regularly, learn how to make social media part of your routine!

Feel inspired? Feel like you have a lot of work to do to get your dental practice’s Instagram account up to par? We can help! Get in touch for a free consultation. At the very least, you’ll get some free advice to start your brainstorming process.


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