Make a great impression on new customers or subscribers right from your first engagement. How? With a well-crafted and strategic welcome email marketing campaign. These welcome email examples will give you some ideas about how to do just that. 

Why Send a Welcome Email?

A welcome email is the first impression your brand makes on a new customer, blog subscriber, or newsletter subscriber. It’s a great way to start your relationship with a new or potential customer off on the right foot. 

A friendly welcome message encourages recipients to interact with your brand. It also can increase customer retention. And welcome emails get noticed. Welcome emails have a more than 80% open rate. Most other promotional emails have about a 15% open rate. These stats show that customers are more engaged with your brand’s message at the welcome email stage. It creates an opportunity for you to shine and get through to them.

How to Draft a Worthwhile Welcome Email

You don’t just want customers to fill out your subscription form and wait for your first email to grace their inboxes. Instead, you want them to receive an immediate response that makes them feel engaged with your brand—like they’re part of something. 

Welcome emails should be informative, clear, and actionable. They encourage readers to take the next step with your brand, like logging in, downloading content, or making a purchase.

To draft a worthwhile welcome email, you need:

Email Service

Of course, you need an email service to send your message. We personally love Hubspot and MailChimp.

Amazing Visuals

Visuals attract attention. You want your welcome email to represent your brand visually and entice recipients.

Convincing Copy

Your welcome email is a great place to show off your copywriting skills. You’ll want to include persuasive yet concise copy that sells your products or services and explains your value proposition. You’ll also want to have a strong call to action for what you want recipients to do next

Other things to consider to make your welcome email unforgettable:

Use a Clear Subject Line

Your welcome email’s subject line should be clear and easy to understand. You get extra points for creativity, but not for the sake of clarity. A well-written subject line may also help you avoid ending up in spam.

Personalized Messages

Personalized messages get more attention than general ones. Just putting the recipient’s name in the email subject line makes them twice as likely to open the message.

Minimalist Design

You’re trying to do a lot in a welcome message. Don’t let your message get lost with chaotic design. Keep it simple.

Set the Tone

Set the tone for engagements with your brand through the look and copy in your message. Is your brand friendly? It should give that impression. Is your brand luxury? Make sure the email recipient knows. Your welcome message is like meeting your brand for the first time. Make the right first impression by using your brand guidelines.


We told you to show off your copywriting skills, but that doesn’t mean to include all of the words. Instead, make every word count. Use headings, subheads, bullets, lists, and steps to communicate quickly to those with short attention spans. And, let’s face it, everyone has a short attention span when it comes to reading emails.

Encourage Engagement

Engagement in your welcome email could be an interactive message, a one-time promotional offer, or it could be simply including your social media buttons. Regardless, you want to encourage recipients to do something further to engage with your brand, not just read the email and click delete.

Include Social Proof

Show recipients who else uses your brand, how many people use it, or where it’s featured. Showing social proof makes recipients fear missing out and want to use your product more.

Show Guarantees

If you have guarantees or free trials associated with your product, be sure to tell recipients. They’re more likely to try your product if they think they can do so risk-free.

6 Best Welcome Email Examples for 2021

Now that you have a better idea of what welcome emails might include, let’s look at some examples of the best welcome emails.

1. Canva

Subject line: Welcome to Canva

welcome email examples to learn from

You expect great design from Canva. After all, design is its business. This welcome email is clean, clear, and easy to navigate. The tone is friendly, and the numbered steps make how to use the service super clear. Also, you can’t miss the turquoise call to action button. You know exactly what Canva wants you to do next—use the service.

2. Skullcandy

Subject line: You’re in. Welcome to the family.

email marketing examples

Talk about tone! The black background, mixed fonts, and visuals scream “Skullcandy.” And the promotional discount encourages recipients to make an immediate purchase.

3. Airbnb

Subject line: How does Airbnb work?

welcome email marketing campaign

Believe it or not, the idea of renting an Airbnb still causes some people uncertainty. This welcome email tells the recipient exactly what to do and how to do it. The visuals depict people living their best lives. It makes the recipient comfortable with the idea of their first rental.

4. Asana

Subject line: Welcome to Asana

content marketing tips for businesses

We love Asana around here! It helps us manage our business. It’s simple to use but includes a lot of features that may be overwhelming at first. 

Asana’s welcome email aligns visually with its brand, using the same colors and depicting the product. It also uses the step-by-step method to show “three things to try out now.” These steps make it easier for customers to get started quickly. The steps also reduce some of the uncertainty about how to use the product.

5. Headspace

Subject line: Ready to meditate?

top email marketing campaigns of 2021

Headspace does a great job with animation. Its illustrations, which are part of its brand’s identity, teach the recipient about meditation. But the free 10-day beginner course is everything. It encourages the recipient to engage with the brand immediately. The email tells them exactly how the trial works and what happens next. It eliminates any confusion and minimizes risk.

6. Partake

Subject line: Welcome to Partake 

Email marketing examples

We love two specific things about this Partake welcome email. 

First, the email introduces the recipient to the actual founder. You see a picture of her, and she signed the email. It makes the recipient feel like they are forming a relationship with a real person, not just a brand. 

Second, you learn the brand’s story. You have an understanding of why Denise launched this company, and you may even relate to her story. 

Partake’s welcome email is super personalized without naming the customer directly.

How Witty Kitty Can Help Your Email Marketing Efforts

You want to start your relationship with a new customer or subscriber off right. The welcome email examples and concepts covered in this post will help. Welcome emails introduce the recipient to your brand and help engage them immediately. Want to talk more about email marketing or need help with your campaigns? We’re here! Just contact us.