You don’t just want people to visit your website. You want them to do something when they get there. What’s the best way to get them to take action? Ask! And ask plainly, simply, and super-duper directly. Start making more of an impact with nine of the best call to action examples that convert. First, let’s start with the basics…

What is a Call To Action or CTA?

A Call To Action, or CTA, is a word or phrase that asks someone to take a desired action. For instance, Read this post; Buy Now; Subscribe. Those are all CTAs.

Your CTA can also ask your audience to register for your email list, link to a service on your main website, or encourage a product purchase. No matter what the CTA encourages your readers to do, it should be apparent that you’re offering a solution to their problem. Your CTA helps your content convert.

Tips to Write CTAs That Convert

Build it and they will come. Ask and they will oblige. CTAs pave the way for your website visitors, social media followers, email subscribers, etc. to do what you ask. However, writing CTAs is a bit of an art form. Why? Because the digital world is full of competing CTAs that constantly ask users to do something. They’re inundated everywhere they go. This repetition means they’ve read “contact us today” about a bazillion times. So what makes an effective call to action? One that follows these next seven rules.

1. Target Your Audience

An effective call to action focuses on the right people—those who want your product, service, or information. Always keep this in mind when writing CTAs. If you don’t know your audience, consider conducting an SEO audit to get more insight on this demographic.

2. Use your Brand Voice

CTAs don’t have to be super robotic. They should balance user experience and strategy. For instance, instead of saying “Contact Us” add a bit more flavor by saying “Say Hello” or “Don’t be Shy.” You don’t want to get too vague or you may water down the instructions, but try to inject your branding when and where you can.

3. Keep Call to Actions Simple and Direct

When in doubt—especially on landing pages—keep your CTAs short, simple, and direct. Draft a few call to action examples and whittle them down based on the most actionable and clear language.

4. Don’t Compete With Yourself

Do not put a bunch of different calls to action on the same page! Except, obviously, your homepage which is a hub to siphon people to different parts of your website. Instead, always make a content strategy hierarchy and prioritize your main CTA. Is it to get people to buy a specific product? Make that front and center and super clear.

5. Use Design to Reinforce Your CTA Messaging

You’d be amazed at how much more successful CTAs can be with a bit of design help. A colorful button, a pop-up, a prominent placement on your website, or echoed in a social media visual as well as the post copy. Use design to your advantage with CTAs!

6. Make an Effective Sales Funnel

Once your user clicks on your CTA button or follows direction, what happens next? Make this part of the customer journey as simple as possible so you don’t lose people along the way! For instance, your CTAs will have better luck if you create a landing page if you run PPC or social media ads. Your website may convert more effective with a pop-up. Your social media post CTAs will be easier to follow if you use swipe to shop functionality and a Link Tree in your profile. Email click-throughs will work better if you have a simple pathway to link to the desired content piece or sales page. Get the picture?

7. Test Your Call to Action Examples!

CTAs aren’t a permanent fixture. You should absolutely A/B test CTAs and cycle them in and out regularly to optimize. Use your data to back up your decisions. Once you find a winner, you can coast on that CTA for a while.

9 Call To Action Examples to Consider

Now that you know how to write better CTAs, here are some call to action examples that you can emulate.

1. Spotify

Ok, Spotify markets music, which isn’t exactly a hard sell, right? We all love a good jam. But getting people to download premade playlists isn’t quite so simple. We want to put together our own mixes. Spotify could have just asked you to download a playlist. Instead, it used “dating a boy from the burbs” to highlight the type of playlist and connect directly with an experience their listeners may have. 

Connecting with emotions like humor, FOMO, or nostalgia is a great way to convince visitors to convert. Beware of connecting with negative emotions (sadness, fear, guilt, etc.). Your audience may avoid messages that cause negative feelings, having the opposite effect of what you want. 

2. Starbucks

Speaking of humor and emotions, you know all of those annoying “accept cookies” buttons you have to click when visiting websites? Starbucks shows how to play the game. You accept cookies, and they offer you a cookie. And now you want a cookie. Well played, Starbucks. Well played. They took something annoying, made it funny, and made visitors want to purchase a product. That’s how you inject branding into a CTA!

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3. Netflix

“Yes, yes, I would like to watch unlimited shows and be able to cancel any time if I don’t like your service.” That’s what anyone who isn’t already using Netflix (Do those people actually exist?) is likely to think when they see this CTA on Netflix’s home page. 

The key to what Netflix did here is to eliminate the risk of trying its product. It told you why you should want it, and Netflix made it easy for you to say “yes.” Letting potential customers know an easy way to cancel or unsubscribe is a great way to get them to try out your product or service.

netflix call to action example for content marketing

4. Shopify

Let’s face it, starting a business is frightening. There’s so much uncertainty and unknown. Add the stress of creating a website, and you see why so many entrepreneurs give up before they even get started. That’s why people like us are here to help you get your business online

Shopify captured the intimidation a lot of potential business owners feel when thinking about putting their business online. And it’s attempting to empower potential business owners by telling them it will be simple. 

Empowering someone to take an action they’re already considering is a great CTA. It’s almost like cheerleading them toward your product or service. “You can do it! We can help!”

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5. Digital Marketer

You expect good CTAs from a company focused on helping people be better marketers, right? The great thing about Digital Marketer’s newsletter sign-up is that it promises to help you improve quickly. That “seven minutes or less” line is almost like a guarantee. You spend a little bit of time each day, and it makes you better.

Also, when you sign up for their email, you immediately get bonus content. The bonus content affirms the subscriber’s decision, helping them feel like they made a good choice based on the instant gratification of getting immediate bonus content.

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6. World Market

People love to shop, but online shopping isn’t the same as seeing items displayed in a store. World Market recognized this consumer problem and came up with an excellent solution for what people are shopping for most right now—summer decor. It promotes the virtual summer store on its homepage.

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When you click on the “shop now” button, you see items set up in a store display and shop straight from the virtual storeroom.

World Marketing digital marketing strategy

In other words, World Market recognized a consumer problem, created a unique feature to solve it, and used a CTA to get consumers to the store. Solving a problem is a guaranteed way to get website visitors to follow through on your CTA. 

7. Charity:Water

Charity:Water knows its cause is worthy, and it makes it clear to site visitors right away. Site visitors see an immediate CTA with a message most people can’t quibble with: “We believe in a world where everyone has access to clean water. Join us.” A subscriber box makes it easy for visitors to donate one time or monthly. A message people support and an easy way to get involved make this CTA work.

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8. Blue Apron

We love a good deal! You get a discount offer almost as soon as you visit Blue Apron’s site. Discounts are about minimizing risk to your customer to try your product or service. But they have the side benefit of making the customer feel like they’re getting a good deal. Everyone loves a bargain! 

Pop-up marketing examples

9. Rakuten

Speaking of good deals, Rakuten reminds users that the service helps them earn cashback for shopping any time they visit a member’s site. When users think about Rakuten’s service, they can immediately identify what’s in it for them—money back on things they buy anyway.

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And There You Have it: Call to Action Examples that Convert

The most effective CTAs tell the visitor how the product or service solves a problem for them while also eliminating the risk of trying that service. That’s what makes them convert. If you need help honing your CTA game, get in touch! We’d love to help.