Content isn’t going anywhere. Americans spend nearly 25 hours per week online consuming it! If you haven’t gotten into the content marketing game, we’re here to persuade you to get on it. While there are a lot of benefits of content marketing to consider, we’ve boiled it down to five reasons for the sake of time. Here they are.

1. SEO and Website Traffic

Any great content marketing agency or social media marketing agency will tell you how critical SEO is to your bottom line. It’s the way customers will find you and cycle back to your website…for free. Consider every social media post, blog article, and email as a cast on your fishing line. The more you do it with the tastiest bait, the more fish you’ll catch in search engines and social media algorithms.

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To put your best foot forward, use long and short tail keywords and SEO best practices. Put your customer’s needs first. Publish original content that’s educational, entertaining, and complements your existing content. Also, consider creating longer written resources. According to Buzzsumo, articles with with 3,000 to 10,000 words got nearly double the shares (9,000) than content with less than 1,000 words. And don’t forget to add visual resources like infographics and video to your SEO strategy! Search engines and many algorithms rank video higher than anything else. Customers also engage more with designed images, so a little effort will go a long way.

2. Brand Recognition

We’re chameleons: a soupçon of digital PR agency, a dash of content marketing, and a dollop of social media marketing. In short, we make brand recognition a priority for all of our clients. By building your digital presence, you’re upping your exposure and overall awareness, so people stop saying, “who?” and start actively seeking out your content. Whatever you publish on social media, your blog, or website, make sure it’s true to your brand voice and style. By publishing content regularly and staying consistent with your message and brand, you’ll quickly show customers who you are, spread your reach to new audiences, and get closer to those sales.

3. Sales/ROI

No matter what you’re peddling, you need to do it where your customers are. In 2018, your customers are online—on Instagram, Facebook, email, and the general web. There’s a reason huge corporations are investing millions of dollars in their content marketing—because it converts. Plus, content marketing is much more affordable than traditional advertising. Just think about the cost of a month’s worth of social media posts versus a billboard ad. Here’s a guide to streamlining your content marketing efforts so that they’ve even more efficient, affordable, and effective.

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4. Credibility and Trustworthiness

How often do you shop with a brand that has minimal content on its website, no peer reviews, and a spotty social media presence? Probably never. To establish trustworthiness, be transparent and accurate. Site sources, use credible links, and put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If you want to fast track your website and content to legitimacy, create viral campaigns so that other credible sources (like big news networks and magazines) pick up your pieces and add to your street cred.

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5. Brand Affinity

The more you focus on creating educational, useful, and entertaining content, the more your customers and prospective customers will grow to love your brand. If you make a good enough impression, they’ll even give you free advertising by telling their friends, family, and coworkers how amazing you are! Make it easy for them to sing your praises by embedding social share buttons in your content.

Have any questions about content marketing? As a full-service digital PR agency and content marketing company, so we’d love to help! Get in touch if you need someone to bounce ideas off of or take the reins or check out more of our resources that will help.