Sometimes you feel like you’re killing it with content marketing. Other times… not so much. Even with a solid annual strategy, it’s easy to lose your way and feel burnt out.

Have you run out of creative ideas for your website, social, and emails? Then it’s time to study some awesome content marketing examples from the industry’s best teams for inspiration! 

Here are 10 companies killing it with their content marketing campaigns, presented by category.


Most people think of blogs first when they think of content marketing examples. There’s a reason for that! Blogs are considered the most effective way to turn casual readers into customers, which is why 84% of companies have a content marketing strategy that includes blogging. In short, blogs convert, and the better they are, the more attention they get. Here are some blog content marketing examples that we think are pretty great.

1. Buffer

Buffer has long led with blogging by example. Not only did they establish a social sharing blog, but they also made themselves thought leaders regarding remote, transparent workplaces

Buffer now has four blogs, including the Flow marketing blog and Open culture blog, where they still share openly (hence the name) about the challenges and best practices of leading fully remote teams. Their blogging strategy (along with a great product) works. Buffer has 73,000 customers and even more followers who learn from them regularly.

How could you apply their tactics to your own blog? Can you expand your blog topics to talk about how you manage your workforce, creative new ways customers are finding to use your products, or the scoop on industry news and events your audience might want to attend?

The best way to get ideas? An SEO audit! You need SEO keyword mapping to have a solid content marketing strategy like Buffer. 

Key Takeaway: Think creatively about your different blog audiences and target them with the content they NEED. Don’t just guess—get an SEO audit so you aren’t wasting your time and money creating content that will never rank on Google. PSST: Our SEO audits include blog post titles you should write! Easy Peezy. 

2. HubSpot

There’s a reason we fangirl about HubSpot. Seriously, do they do everything right? 

HubSpot writes in-depth posts on their blog to help their readers. They also offer ebookswebinars and certifications through Hubspot Academy, and a host of free online tools. 

Hubspot has more than 100,000 customers. That’s because they view each visit to their blog as an opportunity to earn a subscriber. When you visit a blog post like the one above, you’ll see clear CTA’s like “Download the Full Report”. If you look at the URL, you’ll notice it contains tracking info that can tell the owner of the website (YOU!) how you found their blog content. This is extremely useful, as it allows you to attach real conversions to your content marketing efforts! 

Key Takeaway: Use CTA’s and custom tracking URL’s in your blog posts for better, smarter content marketing performance analytics.

3. RocketLawyer

While businesses like Buffer and Hubspot specialize in content marketing, we also wanted to provide a lesser-known example of a blog that is NOT run by content marketing experts.

RocketLawyer has an amazing (but maybe not gorgeously designed, lol) blog that informs their audience about important legal topics and trends, including articles focused on relevant current events. Helping your customers should always be your #1 goal, and RocketLawyer is a great customer education content marketing example.

To elevate your blog like RocketLawyer, try using content buckets. They obviously know their audience and have specific content buckets to regularly supply info for each audience—like renters, small biz owners, or retirees. Their content buckets might also include broad topics like current events, industry news, or tax preparation law.

Key Takeaway: Use content buckets to make sure your blog offers a wide VARIETY of content that appeals to different customer audiences. 


Social Media Marketing

It throws up a ton of red flags today if your brand isn’t active on social media. And, honestly, why the heck wouldn’t you be? There are more than 3.6 billion people on social media and that number is expected to continue growing. You don’t want to miss out on that opportunity to meet customers where they are. Here are some social media marketing examples that make us swoon.

4. Airbnb

We love a company that does the right thing. As you can imagine, Airbnb was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. They could have just thrown up their hands and said “forget it.” Instead, they launched a campaign with 100,000 of their hosts around the world to provide free or subsidized housing for COVID first responders. Yes, they did!

Another thing we love about Airbnb? Their images are high-quality and drool-worthy. Not only do they make us want to travel to new places, but they also spotlight real-world uses of their service—like finding a secluded cabin where you can unplug and avoid other travelers!

Key Takeaway: Hire a photographer for quality social images! And continuously adapt your posts to fit industry-wide shifts and current events. Spotlight new ways customers can use your product or service.

5. Netflix

A lot of wins in the past year have involved COVID-related marketing. While Airbnb suffered greatly from people not traveling during the pandemic, Netflix became everyone’s darling while we were stuck at home. 

But Netflix didn’t just use the pandemic as a chance to lasso in as many subscribers for as many viewing hours as possible. They launched an Instagram Live series to help viewers connect with mental health experts to talk about how the pandemic was affecting them (or anything else). Talk about a clutch move!

They also strongly promote minority films and t.v. projects, which is SO important to many of their subscribers. 

Key Takeaway: Don’t just stay surface-level with your content marketing. More now than ever, your customers expect you to be open, honest, and genuine. Share the social causes you’re passionate about and how you give back!

6. Wendy’s

Wendy’s has long been a brand to watch on Twitter. Even their bio has just the right amount of snark and honesty. Literally, any content marketing campaign their social media team does over there turns to pure gold…and a ton of giggling customers!

Wendy’s pushes the envelope with their Twitter posts, but not so far that they offend people (read: Burger King offending women everywhere). 

Key Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to be hilarious! But do it tastefully.


Did you know there are almost 90,000 Google searches performed every second of every day? That’s a lot of opportunities for people to seek out the information, products, or services you offer. Once someone visits your website, they decide in the blink of an eye (It’s that fast.) whether they intend to stay and consider your brand. Your website design and copy are key to your brand’s content marketing success. Here are some examples of how to do website content right.

7. Sasaki

You expect a design firm to have a gorgeous website, but the simplicity of Sasaki’s site has us like “wow.” It not only draws you in visually, but it’s super easy to navigate. No, this approach probably wouldn’t work for every brand, but it’s a great example of how content marketing should be brand-focused.

Another thing we applaud? Their smart use of SEO keywords in the headlines and copy on their pages. Using the right SEO keywords in your copy is one of the most important things you can do to attract the right audience to your website. And increase your Google ranking. Not sure how to incorporate keywords into your website copy? Learn more here.

Key Takeaway: Use SEO keywords in your website copy for a better Google ranking.

8. Sonos

Big photos and bright colors are in this year—and pretty much every year, really! Sonos does a great job of reflecting the simplicity and versatility of its product’s on the Sonos website

The minimal, laser-focused design, eye-catching photos, and simple navigation structure make it effortless to find what you want and make a purchase. Product categories help narrow down the selection based on popular speaker types, while the “You May Also Like” section included in the description for each of their speakers helps users explore, learn, and ultimately buy the best audio product for their needs. Everyone’s happy!

Key Takeaway: Make your website as user-friendly as possible. A.K.A. make it easier for customers to find the content they want or make that purchase!


More than 80 percent of people say watching a brand’s video convinced them to complete a purchase. Visual appeal with those type of results makes video content marketing a no brainer. Here are some video content marketing examples to consider.

9. Toms

We love a good story. The video of Toms shoe’s virtual giving trip is interesting to watch and interactive. Let’s face it. After spending so much time engaging on social media, we’re not interested in just sitting and watching a video. We want to be able to click, move, and see things while we watch.

While this type of video content may be hard for smaller brands without the Tom’s marketing budget, you can still apply the general concept of these video content marketing examples by engaging your audience and eliciting their participation.

In your next Instagram Live or YouTube update, ask questions, answer questions on-demand, and get real-time customer feedback. Try posting a video that incorporates a previous survey you conducted. Make your audience feel like their opinion truly matters!

Key Takeaway: Make your content marketing more interactive to encourage customer engagement. 

10. Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s animated explainer video is as fun to watch as it probably was to create. Animation is expected to be huge this year in content marketing and we are here for it! Pipedrive also has all kinds of other creative video resources on their website—they do a great job differentiating themselves from the competition by explaining complex features to the layman.

Key Takeaway: Motion Graphics videos are where it’s at. Have one made to up your content marketing game! Our video team can help!


More than 4.1 million people in the world use email, with more than 90% of people in the United States using email at least daily. Marketers who use segmented campaigns see a 760% increase in revenue, so of course email is key form of content marketing. Here are some great content marketing email examples.

11. The Skimm

Yes, we still love The Skimm. We love a company founded by women, but The Skimm also keeps us informed about the important things going on in the world through a single daily email. The Skimm’s email newsletter, The Daily Skimm, is well-designed and the writing is witty and simple. We love how they break down complex issues so they’re easy to understand. And, of course, you can start each day with a clever little quote.

Key Takeaway: Earn loyal subscribers by serving as the go-to resource for hot industry gossip, upcoming (virtual) events, and new tools that might make their lives easier.

12. Spotify

Who doesn’t love feeling special? Spotify serves up exclusive offers from your favorite artists via its email campaigns—and they get us to click through EVERY TIME. Instead of the same old same old email newsletter or promo, how can you create excitement and the feeling of exclusivity in your email content marketing?

Get Personal! Create micro lists for different customer groups and then tailor specific email customer journeys to them. You can accomplish this easily by customizing the same exact email template with different copy and images. Test! Re-target! Do the damn thing!

Key Takeaway: Personalize your email campaigns and dish out exclusive, tailored offers instead of the same old tired discount promo or referral bonus.

OK…Content Marketing Examples…But Now What?

While we can’t share all of the content marketing examples we get inspiration from, we hope this sampling of some of our favorites has made a few ideas blossom for you! Any favorite brands or specific examples we didn’t mention? Drop us a line.

And if you need help executing any of the content marketing strategies above, definitely get in touch! Content marketing is our JAM. And peanut butter…and bread, too! Did we mention we love content marketing?