As a chiropractor, your competition is as stiff as your patients! Content marketing for chiropractors is more important than ever with many new patients booking their appointment and finding their practitioner online. Video, blogs, social media, and even print materials are the most effective way to get your business in front of the people who need your services. Content marketing helps your brand show up in Google searches, educates your audience about the care they’ll receive, and promotes your business without being overly salesy.

Are you ready to put your best content marketing foot forward this year? Here’s our checklist of 20 essential content marketing tactics every chiropractor should try in 2019.

1. Get an SEO Audit

The first step to helping your business reach more patients is to make sure your website is correctly optimized for organic search. This means that people in your area searching for “chiropractor” will see your practice pop up in their search results. If your keywords, meta tags, title tags, and other key SEO data aren’t correctly implemented, then you could be losing out on lots of business to your competitors. An SEO audit will fix any technical problems on the back end of your website preventing you from being indexed and also provide you with a list of valuable keywords that you can use to improve your SEO through strategic content.

2. Add Keywords to Your Website Copy

Once you have a list of keywords, you can then carefully integrate them into your website copy. While you don’t want your copy to sound stiff and robotic, you DO want it to be easily indexed by Google and other search engines. Incorporate keywords naturally, keeping in mind that you want your copy to be just as attractive to readers as to Google’s bots.

3. Start Blogging Weekly

One of the most important things you can do to improve your SEO is blogging every week. We know it can be grueling, but publishing at least one fresh article a week does wonders for your organic search ranking. Not to mention it educates your audience and establishes you as a trustworthy chiropractor. Content marketing for chiropractors can seem tricky and you may think your subject matter is too dry. But you can make any topic sound exciting! And patients who are in pain and looking for a solution will appreciate any information you can give them. They are much more likely to come to your office if they know you have expertise with their specific issues.

4. Write a Guest Post

Guest posts are blog articles that you write to appear on another website. Medical sites are always looking for guest contributors, and this can be a great was to improve not only your credibility and exposure, but also to build healthy links to your website. Ask the site you’re contributing to to allow you to add a link to your website somewhere within your article. This way, readers can click through and see other articles you’ve poasted on your site about topics they’re interested in.

5. Give a HARO Interview

HARO is one of the heavy lifters in content marketing for chiropractors! It stands for Help a Reporter Out, and it’s as easy as signing up on their website. Each day you will receive an email containing a list of press opportunities. Journalists who need your expert opinion will ask for your feedback on healthcare topics. You simply respond to their query with your answers, and then they will mention you in their article as a source. Some journalists will give you a link to your website and some will only mention your name and practice. Either way, it’s an amazing, free opportunity for exposure.

6. Teach a Free Class

Many health food stores, wellness clinics, and community centers allow chiropractors to lead free classes to educate the public about spine health and the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment. Content marketing for chiropractors isn’t all online! Get out into your community and introduce yourself to prospective patients. If you answer some of their questions for free, they are going to be very interested in continuing the conversation at a formal appointment. Make sure to prepare what you’ll say during your class in detail and bring plenty of visual aids to keep attendees engaged. Check out our Beginner SEO Skillshare Class for inspiration!

7. Start or Join a Facebook Group

One easy content marketing for chiropractors tactic you can try right now is to start or join a Facebook group where you can interact with potential clients. Some relevant subjects would be chronic pain, back pain, spine health, holistic health, massage therapy, or other topics that you know will interest your patients. Try to find local groups that serve your specific area. Reply to threads with your expertise and offer free consultations for those in your city or town who are suffering. This is a great way to build a relationship with future patients, who may even refer family members and friends to come to your practice. Grow your practice by improving broadening your network!

8. Try Instagram TV

IGTV is a great way to post longer videos to your Instagram. Experimenting with this platforms is a great way to optimize your Instagram businesses profile. It’s also a content marketing for chiropractors tactic that not many practitioners are currently taking advantage of because it’s so new. The earlier you adopt new platforms, the more exposure you’ll get! Hurry up and post a video before your competitor. You can offer tips, promote office specials, or just let your patients know what’s new at your practice.

9. Add Instagram Stories Highlights

Instagram Highlights are the stories that are saved to your profile and appear in circles at the top of your feed. These are bookmarked and available to patients who are visiting your profile, so make sure they’re amazing! Some suggested highlights would be introducing your staff, touring your facilities, or explaining common adjustments and their benefits. Your highlights should be evergreen content that is educational and entertaining.

10. Try Facebook and Instagram Stories

If you don’t have any stories to pin to your highlights, then you need to start posting stories! This option is now also available on Facebook. Stories are like tiny snapshots of your brand, and can greatly improve your ranking in Instagram and Facebook algorithms. Stories make all of your content more likely to be seen by new clients. These quick snippets are the perfect place to be funny, imperfect, and personable. This is where you can really show your knack for patient care and education! Give quick tips, post funny pictures, and share your personality and expertise.

11. Broadcast on Facebook Live

Facebook Live is another new frontier that not many chiropractors are using right now. Try broadcasting live in groups if you don’t have a big following on your business page. This way you can gain exposure to new clients through the group. It’s amazing how many folks will be enthralled by your live broadcast, especially if what you’re saying is interesting and educational! Make sure you repeat who you are and your business name every few minutes for new audience members who are tuning in and answer any questions viewers may ask in the comments.

12. Add Trust Signals to Your Website

Have you won any industry awards? Have you written for or been mentioned in any medical publications? Are you certified by any nationally or locally recognized boards or certification programs? How about Better Business Bureau ranking? All of this should be on your homepage! Trust signals like these let clients know that you are reputable and come recommended in your specialty.

13. Implement a Reviews Email Campaign

If you have an email list (hint: you should definitely have an email list) then try sending an email out asking for reviews on your social media page or Yelp. Studies have proven that 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as friends–and that when you have positive reviews you’re more likely to win new business! Your satisfied customers can tell new clients who don’t yet know your quality of service about your business through these online reviews. And many will do so willingly and for free if you send them an email asking for their input.

14. Post a Video To Your Website

One of the fastest ways to explain the value of your practice is to explain it yourself…on your homepage….through a professionally-filmed video clip! When new patients visit your site, your video will be the next best thing to meeting you and your staff in person. A welcome video on your homepage can give clients the boost of confidence in your services that they need to book their appointment. The last thing you want to do, however, is slap an unprofessional video up on your website. It’s very affordable to bring in a small production crew to shoot the video for you in HD with high-quality sound. You can also use this video on your social channels, in an email campaign, and countless other applications! It’s an evergreen content marketing for chiropractors tool that you can use for years.

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15. Offer an E-book or Whitepaper

Long-form content is a great way to educate and win trust. Is there a topic within the chiropractic industry that you consider yourself to be a pioneer of or expert in? The write an e-book! Not a writer? That’s ok. There are plenty of affordable copywriters out there who can take your information and transform it into a great long-form resource piece for your website. You can even translate it into a brochure for new patients to take home with them! Again, content marketing for chiropractors is not all done online. You can also employ print media to achieve your goals.

16. Give a Discount to Followers

Incentivize clients to follow you on social media by giving exclusive discounts to your followers. One of our favorite tactics is offering to direct message a discount code to the first 20 (or 50, or 100) followers that comment on your post. This way you not only get new followers, but you also get the comments and engagement you need to boost your post in your followers feeds. You could also offer a free consultation or any number of other promotions. The idea is to reward those who follow you with special perks.

17. Host a Social Media Giveaway

Another way to bring in new followers and increase exposure is to give away a favorite back health product. This could be a supplement, a massage roller, or pretty much anything you recommend to patients. Ideally, you sell this product at your practice and can tell those who don’t win the giveaway to come to your location and buy it in person! Accompany your giveaway with a video demonstrating how the product is used and it’s benefits. Make sure to promote your services at the end of your video and require that anyone who puts their name in the hat for the giveaway gives their email and follows you. Once they see the other amazing content you’re offering, they’ll likely choose to remain a follower. And they may even come into the office for an appointment!

18. Distribute Flyers

This may seem very old-school, but leaving your flyer or business cards at a local health food store, on the bulletin board of a whole foods restaurant, or at the counter of a health clinic can spark some real interest in potential clients. Take it a step further by developing a referral relationship, sending customers to the locations where you place your fliers. Odds are, people who are interested in maintaining their general health will also be interested in keeping their spine and skeletal system tip-top as well.

19. Attend an Expo or Convention

Get to know your client’s needs and interests by attending a health or wellness expo in your area. Make sure to bring plenty of materials to pass out for those who are interested in your practice, and prepare a video or other interactive media elements to draw in passersby. Many chiropractors think that just standing there offering advice is fine…but having an audiovisual component is very helpful, especially if it’s busy and you can’t talk to everyone who stops at your booth immediately.

20. Send a Monthly Email Newsletter

Do you have a special promotion going on at your office? Did you publish a new blog post you’d like to share? Sending out a newsletter each month educates your clients and reminds them that they should come in for an adjustment. Just make sure that you focus mainly on providing useful information, not on hard sales. Your newsletter should be brief, entertaining, and should send your audience to your website for more information with a strategic call to action.

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Content marketing for chiropractors can be especially tricky because the field is so competitive and the subject matter can be less than exciting. Chiropractic services appeal to a very large group of people. The key is getting your practice in front of the right audience and using the appropriate tactics. Have you tried any of these 20 tips? What worked for you and what didn’t? If you need any help, please reach out to us! We offer assistance with all of the tactics on this list and would be happy to give yo our advice on which will work best for your brand.