If you’re making the smart decision to invest in landing pages for PPC ads, then you’ve already won the battle. Congrats! You’ve taken a huge step forward in building your business and earning valuable, qualified leads. But, why do you need strategic landing pages to run a successful PPC ad campaign? Are they really necessary? Why can’t you just send ad traffic to a generic web form and call it good?

Here are our top 5 reasons why it’s imperative to create custom landing pages for better, more profitable PPC campaigns.

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1. Landing Pages Can Improve Customer Experience

When we create PPC visual and text ads here at Witty Kitty, we are inviting consumers to begin a brand-specific customer journey. The text or images that appear in your PPC campaign should always vibe with what a customer sees when they click on your ad. Make the process of purchasing from you or reserving your services as easy as possible! Hint: landing pages can really help.

Let’s say you’re experiencing extreme tooth pain. You need to see a dentist immediately. So you search for “emergency dentist” and click on the first result you see—a local clinic in the paid results.  You like that the ad copy says the dentist can see you same-day and that they specialize in affordable emergency dentistry. But then you find that you’ve been sent to a general form to make an appointment. The page contains no mention of emergency dental services, and you’re unsure if the office will know that you need immediate care. You don’t see an option to make an emergency appointment. Your only option is to call the office for clarification. You’re confused, so you decide to return to search results.

The next ad you click on sends you to a custom landing page that has copy and images that align well with your expectations. You make an appointment for the next day and like the office so much you continue to return for regular cleanings.

Landing pages for PPC ads help your customers feel confident enough to make a purchase or reserve an appointment. Need we say more?


2. Your Landing Page Can Be Targeted

When 65% of people click on Google Ads when they want to buy an item online, you can’t afford to overlook the CTA, visuals, and copy that appear on your webpage. You spend a LOT of money on Google ads—shouldn’t the page you’re sending this valuable traffic to be tailored to your customer’s specific needs? You hook them with your ad copy, but your landing page is where you’ll seal the deal.

Creating landing pages for PPC ads allows you to remove all of the obstacles your customer faces before deciding to make a purchase. You can earn their trust through spotlighted reviews and testimonials and subtly persuade them with carefully-chosen images, text, and CTA. And button colors that you’ve tested for optimal conversion.

Unlike a normal web page that might contain plenty of copy for SEO, landing pages often only have brief copy and one powerful CTA meant to convert. They often contain images that are specific to the target audience of your ad campaign—images that might be too exclusionary to appear on the rest of your website. You can have dozens of landing pages tailored to different audiences. This level of customization just isn’t possible with a classic web form or product page.

3. They Offer Better Testing & Analytics

When you create a landing page that is specific to your small business PPC campaign, you’ll learn a lot more than you would if you sent traffic to a normal web page. You’ll get more accurate analytics for bounce rate, conversion rate, how many people called for more information by clicking your number on their smartphone—the possibilities are truly endless. And your analytics aren’t clouded since the page doesn’t share traffic sources.

When you launch your landing page and begin driving traffic to it through PPC, you’ll want to get as much information as you can. Even if a consumer doesn’t make a purchase after visiting your landing page, you can still learn from their visit. You may gather their information for future retargeting campaigns or set up goals in Google Analytics so you’ll know how close they got to purchasing before leaving your website. You can then use this information to further improve your landing page.

4. Awesome Design and UX Happen with Landing Pages

As an agency, we’ve run successful PPC campaigns for brands who would rather spend their money on a nice, modern landing page than budget to redesign their entire website. They know they need to revamp their site, but they don’t have the funds yet and need to see more ad conversions and profit before they can afford a complete redesign. While this is obviously not an ideal situation, it’s reality! Landing pages put your best face forward when it comes to converting customers.

Alternately, some businesses decide to build their website with a template builder and then realize they don’t have much flexibility when it comes to tracking conversion rate and other important metrics for PPC. We have had clients who are unable to place a Google Adwords tracking code on the back end of their website, so their best option is to create an external landing page with a service like Unbounce. Again, it’s not ideal…but it happens.

No matter what your situation, landing pages offer a unique opportunity to experiment with user experience and website design. You’ll be very surprised to learn which landing page elements improve conversion for your brand. It may be completely different than the suggestions you’ve read on popular marketing blogs! The only way to find out what works for your business is to test, test, test, and test again.

5. Bottom Line—Landing Pages Convert Better

According to Hubspot, creating 10-15 strategic landing pages has the power to increase your leads by 55%! That’s not a percentage you want to turn your nose up at.

Landing pages are your PPC campaign’s best friend. They allow you to improve customer experience, tailor your messaging, CTA’s, and visuals, and gather much more useful information about what is working and what isn’t working when analyzing conversion rates.

Ready to build a strategic landing page (or 10) and need web design and development? Not sure how much PPC costs or if it’s right for your business? Need help getting started with paid search and want to chat with an affordable agency that can guide you through the process? Witty Kitty is here to help! Reach out now—we’d love to chat with you and see if we can help you kill it with smart, effective digital marketing!