No commute. Seemingly unlimited options. Price comparisons. And no crowds. There are so many benefits to shopping online. True, shoppers don’t get that fabulous store smell, and they can’t stop off in the food court to get a cookie, but they can shop in from their easy chair while wearing their PJs, so online shopping still wins. And you can learn how to write SEO product descriptions to help convert as many website visitors as possible.

What is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is using keywords associated with your products or services to drive unpaid traffic to your website from search engines. The majority of traffic that comes to most websites is from search engines like Google. 

Your goal is for your E-commerce site to appear on the first page of search results when people search for a product you sell. And sorry, Google My Business rankings don’t count. To do that, you have to understand SEO basics and be able to write SEO-friendly product descriptions that convert

Long story short, if you don’t know how to write SEO product descriptions, you’re missing out on sales—potentially a lot of them.

How to Write SEO Product Descriptions

Now that you understand why you need SEO for your E-commerce store, let’s take a look at how to write SEO product descriptions. 

A basic product description is an easily understood summary of a product, written for your ideal customer. It focuses on product features, benefits, and common uses. 

A good product description:

  • Explains what the product is used for
  • Tells who the product is for
  • Shows how the product benefits the customer

A product description should be at least 300 words. Pair it with photos of the product from various angles. In addition, it should be SEO-friendly. Below is advice for how to make the SEO aspect happen.

Reflect Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice is what separates your products from competitors who sell the same types of items. Make sure your product descriptions capture the tone you use throughout your E-commerce store. 

Write to Your Ideal Customer

Who is this product for? Put yourself in the mind of your ideal customer. What do they want or need to know about this product? What would make them buy? Write to and for them.

Highlight Key Features

There are a lot of E-commerce stores out there that sell products almost just like yours. What makes your products different or better? Add these key features in the product description. The goal is to have the key selling points of your products written in the description. The information you provide shoppers will make a difference in their comfort level in making a purchase from your site.

Understand Your Products

If you want to learn how to write SEO product descriptions, you need to understand how to talk to your customers AND search engine spiders. You’ll also need a complete understanding of your products to write about all of the features potential shoppers are looking for. An SEO-friendly product description is only possible if you’re able to talk about the pain points the product addresses.

To truly understand the product:

  • Know its purpose
  • Try it so you understand how it works
  • Evaluate its key benefits for shoppers
  • Get technical details from the developer/manufacturer

Again, the more information you provide shoppers, including specs, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Write in Plain Language

Good product descriptions are short, concise, and readable. They are highly informative and rich with product details. 

When writing product descriptions, consider:

  • Breaking Up Text. Use bullet points, pictures, headings, etc. to break up text and make it easier to scan.
  • Keeping Them Short. Write short sentences that are never more than 20 words long.
  • Avoiding Trite Words. Avoid trite words that add nothing to the text. Hot contenders are very, really, excellent quality, and great value.
  • Avoiding Too Much Promotion. We understand that you’re trying to sell something, but avoid overly promotional language that makes the reader feel like you’re manipulating them. Write about your products like you’re recommending them to a friend.
  • Highlighting Benefits. Write about unique product features and benefits, explaining what the product can do for them.
  • Promoting a Lifestyle. Use lifestyle writing to tell them specific ways the product will change and improve their lives

Add Keywords Strategically

Don’t stuff your product descriptions with keywords. Using keywords unnecessarily will actually hurt your search ranking. Search engines will scan the entire product description and determine how meaningful it is. If you try to put a keyword in more than two or three times on a page, it will remove the page from the top search results. 

Your first step is to identify keywords related to your products that have high search frequency and low competition. Then you add them naturally to your product descriptions.  

Naturally add keywords to:

  • Headlines
  • Subheads
  • Body copy
  • Images. Optimize images by inserting keywords in the file name, alt tags, and image description. 

SEO is important as long as it helps your customer find your products. Our advice is to write for your ideal customer, not for search engines. Write an informative product description first, then optimize it for SEO.

Include a Call-to-Action

Once you get visitors to your store and provide them with strong product descriptions, don’t forget to tell them what to do. A powerful Call-to-Action (CTA) after your product description will encourage shoppers to take the next step. Your CTA could be a recap of a sentence, reminding them of the product’s benefits and asking them to purchase. It also could be something as simple as an “add to cart” button after the product description. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to ask them to buy. It’s a missed opportunity not to include a CTA that converts on each product description.

Get Help Writing SEO Product Descriptions

Want online shoppers to find your e-Commerce store? Then, you have to know how to write SEO product descriptions. We understand that there’s a lot at stake here. After all, you want your piece of the online market. We also know that writing short, active, brand-oriented copy that converts isn’t easy. If you need help, we’re only an email away.