Instagram for dermatologists can be a great investment—showing off your best before-and-afters, spotlighting your achievements, and building trust in your practice. As a successful dermatologist, you will have to put your best face forward on Instagram. That means creative and informative posts, stories, highlights, and even Instagram tv long-form videos. But what kinds of images should you post and which hashtags perform best?

One of the easiest ways to get ideas and inspiration is to stalk the feeds of fellow dermatologists who are rocking it on Instagram. Here are a few of our favorite accounts right now and what they’re doing that’s impressive. Follow these Insta-savvy doctors immediately!

1. behrdermatology

Dr. Kathleen Behr knows how to Instagram for dermatologists. The first thing you’ll notice is that she has an optimized profile and Instagram bio, complete with branded hashtags. She has a great balance of informative and entertaining posts, mixed with service promos and pictures of her practice’s staff.

Her feed lets clients get to know her and her office. It also builds trust—you’ll find posts about awards she has won and that contain plenty of insider info on the products she uses to help her patients look their best. There’s also plenty of incentive to follow her: she offers seductive weekly discounts to followers!

2. amyvaughandermatology

With 17.3k followers, Dr. Amy A. Vaughan is one of our favorite Instagram for dermatologists accounts. She offers her patients a smorgasbord of services, including Botox, fillers, lasers, acne treatments, CoolSculpting, Hydrafacial, Ultherapy, and Kybella. How do we know? She includes all of her best-selling services in her bio! Vey smart. She also includes her email and phone number, making it super easy for clients to get in touch.

As for posts, she runs a #botoxthursday hashtag campaign every week, offering a discount to followers. But her profile isn’t too promotional. She also includes inspirational, self-love quotes, and before-and-after shots that help build trust in her expertise. Because trusting a derm with your face can be risky! Followers want to know they’ll be in good hands when they visit your dermatology practice.

3. drseemasheth

Dr. Seema Sheth never fails to entertain followers with her “bad botox” Instagram series. After all, who doesn’t love photos of their favorite celeb’s sloppy work? But Seema does a lot more than bash poorly-placed injectables. We really like that she includes important details like her areas of service, Orland Park, IL and Downers Grove, IL, in her profile bio.

She also uses highlights to promo her services, giving followers a taste of what they could look like if they visit her office for some pampering. Video content gets plenty of likes on her feed, including live in-office procedures. She makes sure to post before-and-afters and informational diagrams and images of common issues her clients visit her office to improve. The result? Her feed is well-balanced, entertaining, and leaves followers wanting more.

4. drkormeili

Dr. Tanya Kormeili, MD, also lists her specialties in the bio section of her profile, putting the focus on her skill set. She also includes her website, where potential patients or her peers can go to find out more about what she offers in-office.

In one of her posts she says, “high arched cheekbones are my favorite thing to create!” Posting high-quality video content of yourself injecting product in “real life” is a major Instagram for dermatologists win! Nothing inspires trust more than practicing the self-care you preach on your own face. She’s also very smart about promoting expert articles she has written for recognizable publications like If you get awards or are featured in publications, definitely share this on your social media!

5. dermbeautydoc

@dermbeautydoc is a great example of how you can still have an Instagram that earns followers without linking it to your practice. This handle is more of a personal profile with a business spin, featuring plenty of photos of this dermatology resident and her daughter and family, as well as professional images that promote products she loves and tips for dermatology patients—like how to find a good provider.

“I find it a little awkward to post photos of myself but I honestly I’ve been working really hard to get over that fear/hesitation. It has been a struggle”, she says in one of her posts. This profile is a great example of how to stay vulnerable and show your personality to patients, even if it’s tempting to focus on promotion. Instagram for dermatologists must stick to the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent informational, educational, and personal posts and 20% promotional. Find this balance on your own feed if you want to boost your following!

6. drmommy.derm

Dr. Latanya Benjamin is a Pediatric Dermatologist advocating for woman and children. While she doesn’t have as many followers as some of our other favorite handles, we love what she’s doing on her feed and that she appeals to such a specific audience! She features plenty of live events coverage, which is something we always advise our dermatologist clients to do to capture relevant followers.

She also makes good use of the Highlights section of her profile and posts regularly to Stories. Her posts spotlight awards she has been honored with, pics of her having fun with her family, quotes, and plenty of other posts that perform well on Instagram for dermatologists like you.

7. habashydermatology

A dermatology resident who bounces between Miami and LA, Dr. Jacquiline Habashy has done a great job of growing her following. Her feed features pictures of her with celebs like Jennifer Ganer, promos of her favorite products, pics of her at industry events, and videos and photos of actual procedures.

She also uses plenty of video on her feed. We recommend that you, too, start producing as much video as possible. The Instagram algorithm currently prefers video content and will send more potential followers your way for posting video regularly.

8. drcheungderm

Dr. Jessie Cheung thinks “Confidence is Sexy!” She makes great use of Instagram Stories and Highlights. We love that she has designed icons for her Highlights—this looks super professional and makes her profile look much more polished. Jessie is a stellar example of how to Instagram for dermatologists.

Her creative posts for holidays and hilarious product promos add spice to her feed—like the wicked witch pedaling injectables to snow white! Cheung also sends Instagram users to her internet talk radio show, Cheung Chat, where she answers questions and talks about the latest trends in the dermatology industry.

9. theweddingdermatologist

If you’re looking for an example of how to market your dermatology practice to a hyper-specific (and profitable) audience, look no further than @thewedingdermatologist. Dr. Richard Winkelmann is a self-proclaimed “Board Certified Dermatologist with a mission to help every bride and groom attain skin perfection on their wedding day.” Based in Los Angeles, he uses an effective blend of designed quote posts, before-and-after images, and cautionary informative posts on what NOT to do to your skin before your wedding day.

His branding is spot-on, and he definitely appeals to his niche audience. Instagram for dermatologists can be as broad or specific as you want, but sometimes narrowing your audience can actually gain your ore followers and engagement!

10. drjenniferlee

Last, but certainly not least, is a great example of how to promote yourself for speaking events and product promos. As a celeb-status dermatologist, Dr. Jennifer Lee has appeared on the Dr. Oz show and is the official dermatologist of the Tennessee Titans.

On her profile, patients can see Dr. Lee herself getting procedures. She also posts plenty of impressive before-and-after photos that demonstrate her skills, pics of her with her family and adorable dog-child, and promotional images of her at her practice. Her practice’s handle @rendermatology is also a great example of Instagram for dermatologists, so stop by there for ideas as well.

Should dermatologists like you be spending more time developing their Instagram presence? YES. We know it can be time-consuming and sometimes it’s hard to grow your following organically. Witty Kitty specializes in helping dermatologists and other medical professionals boost their online presence through organic Insta and paid social media ads. Have questions? Drop us a line. But, in the meantime, we hope these awesome examples have given you a spike of creative inspiration for your Instagram profile!


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