Incorporating video content into your marketing plan is essential—surveys show that 45% of people watch an hour or more of video each week and one-third of online activity is consumed by videos. Customers now prefer to watch a video over reading an article, and doctors are catching onto this trend. While your blog is still an essential tool, video content is the smartest way to boost your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It also builds trust in your practice, drums up interest in a new product or service, and inspires continued loyalty in your current patients. Whether you want to get more patients in the door or launch an e-visit platform, here’s everything you need to know about getting started with video content.

What Kinds of Video Can You Leverage?


Live Video

One of the easiest types of video content to create is live video. Our favorite platforms are Facebook Live and Instagram Live. These are the most widely-used and accessible—all you need to get started is a smartphone and a script! But, we suggest you practice many times before you hit that broadcast button.

Recorded Video

Recorded video is a bit more professional since you can edit and add your branding, text overlays, and other production elements. It can be more expensive to hire a professional to help you edit, but if the video will live on your main website it’s worth it to make sure it is done right. If the video will live on your blog, you’re fine using unedited (or lightly edited) video as long as it’s recorded with quality equipment.

Animated Video

Incorporating live-action and computer animation into your videos is a great way to add polish. Especially if you’re trying to explain a complicated enrollment process, a medical procedure, or want to add some whimsy to a heavy topic. While animation is more expensive, it can be a great investment since it’s a unique, fun way to represent your practice.

Short-form Video and Animations

Apps like Boomerang and design platforms like Crello allow you to create your own short, punchy video loops and graphics. These can be perfect for sharing moments during your day, and will really grab your audience’s attention on social.

Places You Can Use Video


Your Website

Video content can set you apart from your competition when used on your homepage, about page, and blog. It helps convey to patients that you are trustworthy, credible, and modern. It also boosts SEO because search engine algorithms give preference to properly-tagged video content.

Your Social Media Profiles

Social media is where your customer spends over two hours of their day. And they’re likely browsing social videos while they’re ignoring t.v. commercials and web banner advertisements. Social is where you want to be. Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are two of the most effective ways to reach your audience. Posting a few times a week to each platform could win you major exposure.

In Your Office or With Referral Partners

If your office has a waiting area, play educational and promotional videos on your t.v. to entertain your patients while they’re waiting. You can promote products you sell, inform your patients about new drugs and procedures, or let them know about other practices you partner with for referrals. You can also use video assets to help explain complex procedures and ensure proper after-care for patients and their families. Your referral partners can use your videos in-office, too!

Within Advertisements

Video ads on social media and Youtube have some of the best return on investment (ROI) when they are strategically targetted for your audience. It’s easy to control the spend with social ads, and your budget can go a long way with more qualified leads. Facebook just debuted some new tools to help you streamline and hone campaigns, so now is the time to start running video ads!

At Tradeshows and Events

When you attend a tradeshow or speak at a professional event, video content can be a huge asset. It not only helps explain your product or services to passersby but can also be a diverse multimedia component for presentations. With complex medical subjects, a visual component can help your audience understand and empower them to ask informed questions.


Video Topics That Help Grow Your Business and Build Trust in Your Practice


Pilot an Educational Video Series

Producing weekly content that educates your clients about general health topics is a great way to inspire more people to trust you with their health. Come up with a catchy name for your video series and post or go live at the same time each week. It’s important that your audience know when they can expect to access your newest content.

Give a Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Let your clients meet the staff who make your practice tick! Patients will get a feel for the friendly faces who will be greeting them if they come to your office. Show off your newly-remodeled facilities, and give details about how you offer superior services or a spa-like experience. Help your practice stand out by showing personality! It’s ok to be a little silly and fun, as this dentists office is in their “not-so-traditional” tour.

Share Patient Testimonials

If you have a satisfied patient, ask them to allow you to shoot a quick video about their positive experience and why they will be returning to your office for future services. Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more, so these types of video content are valuable for advertisements and to post on your website. Make sure to get a release to use their comments, as we mention below.

Promote Your E-practice

Online medicine is a booming business—if you aren’t already offering e-visits, you should seriously think about diversifying your practice. Allowing patients to access your expertise from the comfort of their home is not only convenient but also frees up more of your time to see additional patients. It also majorly cuts down on staff needs and overhead.

Offering e-visits can be especially rewarding for psychiatrists, therapists, and general physicians who can easily diagnose and treat through live video. While e-medicine is a win-win, many patients still don’t quite understand how it works. Creating educational videos that walk them through how to set up their account and sign up for an e-visit is key. Witty Kitty specializes in writing these informational videos, as you can see in this example we helped create for one of our physicians.

Showcase Events and Seminars

Capturing video at industry events can help educate your clients and also improve your standing withothers in your profession. It shows patients that you are at the forefront of your field. This is especially exciting if you yourself will be speaking at the event. Live video is the most engaging way to share events you’re attending with your audience, so make sure to update your Instagram Story and Broadcast via Facebook Live frequently.

Interview Other Medical Experts

Reach out to other professionals in related practices and ask for their permission to interview them on relevant subjects. This will help you build up beneficial relationships within your community, spark referrals, and educate your clients. It also helps diversify the types of subjects you can offer insight on through your social media and blog.

Review and Promote Products

You can use video to review popular products and those that you sell in your office or frequently recommend to patients. Offer your opinion on the best tools and products for each budget and how patients can maintain or amplify results at home after in-office procedures. You could review anything from orthopedic insoles to teeth whitening kits, foam rollers, or handheld massagers, as this video from two physical therapists details. These types of videos are also useful because they give you the opportunity to demonstrate how to correctly use the products you recommend.

Discuss Industry Trends

Whats hot in your industry right now? What are the newest procedures, treatments, and medications, and what new research has been revealed? Covering industry trends in video format allows not only your patients but also other medical professionals to treat your video content as an educational resource. Building yourself up as an industry authority increases trust in your services and products.


Tips For Using Video Content Marketing


Partner with Other Medical Professionals and Build Referral Relationships

When you partner with other medical professionals to make video content, you could be doubling your audience. Especially if they’re already active in video and have a following. You’re also adding credibility and building professional relationships that might result in referrals. Plus, it’s easier to be conversational when there’s another warm body there to chat with!

Optimize for Search

Any video you post should be paired with copy that has been optimized for search engines. For each video you create and post on your blog, for instance, you should also post a written summary that includes short and long-tail keywords. This will ensure Google and other search engines are bringing interested search traffic to your page. Always tag your videos appropriately and include a transcript and captions—Youtube has excellent resources available that make this easier. When your video content isn’t being properly indexed by search engines, then it’s not performing at it’s best. Confused on how to do this? Hire an SEO professional to help or check out this guide.

Just Do It! You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

If you wait until you sound and look completely perfect in your video, you might be waiting around forever! Your ideal patient is a person too, and they want to see you make small mistakes, fumble over your words occasionally, and have a few hairs out of place. These things make you seem more human and relatable! While you should always have a plan as far as what you’ll say, it’s okay to ramble every now and then during live broadcasts. For recorded video, you can simply edit these mistakes out. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll become on-screen.

Up Your Production Quality

While the videos you can make with your iPhone may be just fine, you may want to consider investing in some better equipment. If you want to get serious about promoting your practice through live and recorded videos, splurge and buy a good microphone, lighting set-up, and a mirrorless DSLR camera to capture quality video and audio. Here’s an article about the basics you’ll need to get started.

Timing is Everything

The time when you choose to go live or post your video is very important. While there is no gold standard, it’s best to post or broadcast when you know your target audience is available and listening. For most people this will either be in the morning before they go to work or after 5:30 p.m. when they return home from work and unwind. Experiment with timing to see which times of day perform best for your practice! You might be surprised by when your target client is online.

Obtain Legal Releases

If you’ll be including any patients or staff members in your video, it’s best to have them sign a legal release that gives you their permission to be on film. Though it may seem extreme, you should always obtain a release to prevent legal trouble down the line. You could be forced to remove your video if you don’t have the appropriate permissions. Even if it’s the best-performing content on your site.

Know When to Hire a Professional

If you’re nervous about speaking on video, aren’t sure what to say to your audience, or want the structure and safety of a script to follow, consider contacting a professional. Witty Kitty has written and produced many animated, pre-recorded, and live videos, and would be happy to help! You can also explore paying a staff member who is more comfortable in front of the camera to represent your practice. Just make sure they sign on the dotted line so you have exclusive rights to the videos you create.

While getting started with video content can seem intimidating, it is absolutely the future of medical content marketing. The faster you adopt this new and exciting medium, the more of a competitive edge you’ll have and the more modern and tech-savvy your practice will appear. Feel free to reach out to Witty Kitty for help!