Two boss ladies. Two spectating husbands. One interview to see what it’s like to be men supporting women in the C-suite. Welcome to our women-owned business.

What did you think when your wife first told you she was starting a business?

Jess: We met after she had started the business, so I will answer with my reaction to her telling me she owned a business. I was highly impressed. Having worked for a start-up, I know there is an incredible amount of stress and hard work that goes into owning your own business. I also wasn’t surprised. From the first time we met, I knew Clair was a strong person, and it takes a strong person to start his or her own business.

Chris: About damn time.

Has your dynamic changed?

Jess: When we first met, Clair was working a full-time job plus co-running her own business. Since then, she’s jumped head first into building Witty Kitty, and I have seen a drastic change. She loves what she does and working for herself. This has made her overall happiness skyrocket; which in turn makes our relationship stronger.

Chris: Maybe we eat out a little more often? [laughs] Caroline seems more relaxed amidst the chaos.

How do you feel about your wife’s entrepreneur schedule?

Jess: Her schedule is inconsistent most of the time. It ranges from slow days to 16-hour days. The frustrations are there, but there aren’t too many. Most of the time, I love the flexibly that comes with Clair owning her own business. Even on the long days, I know Clair will do what it takes to succeed, and I will do what it takes to support that.

Chris: I think it’s good and bad. Some days, there isn’t any time for normal life and other days Carolins is as free as a bird. That can create friction based on whatever is going on in our lives. Say we have plans and stuff comes up—Caroline has to work at the drop of a hat. Sometimes she’s insanely busy for days on end.

What’s the weirdest thing your wife has done to help her business succeed?

Jess: All the weird stuff she wears when she does marketing photo shoots. The kitty ears stick out in my mind.

Chris: Order cat toys to give out to people at a professional event.

What quality do you think helps your wife the most as a woman business owner?

Jess: Persistence. Clair refuses to give up or give in.

Chris: Bossiness. Assertiveness. Caroline’s on top of it all the time.

Who cooks dinner more?

Jess: Me

Chris: Caroline. Plus she makes sourdough, and harvest honey from her hive, and takes care of the animal kids. It’s impressive.

Why do you love that your wife owns a business?

Jess: Clair is chasing her dreams and doing something she truly loves. I believe that one of the most important and rare things in life to love what you do. Clair has found this.

Chris: Caroline doesn’t have to answer to “the man” anymore, she’s happier, and maybe one day I can retire early.

Are there any downsides to your wife owning a business?

Jess: The stress and pressure are the main downsides I can think of. It comes with the territory of owning your own business, but stress and pressure can take a toll on anyone. I am not going to lie and say there are no rough days.

Chris: Caroline can’t go on a normal vacation—even though she can technically take as much time off as she wants. Owning a business is super stressful, more stressful than being an employee.

Now that you’re married to a woman who owns a business, are you more inclined to advocate for men supporting women in your workplace?

Jess: I feel like this is a trick question. [laughs] I have always been a strong advocate for women in my workplace. Being married to Clair affirms my opinion that woman are an extremely important part of any workforce.

Chris: Caroline’s past experience working for other employers actually made me realize what women in the workplace go through—more so than owning her own business. It’s easy as a white man to forget what it’s like for women, but I see it every day and try to remember it when I’m in a position to help. Men supporting women is important at work and at home.

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