Your Facebook presence is a huge part of your branding, so take care to optimize your Facebook Business Page to look professional with consistent branding and messaging to match your website. After all, your Page may very well pop up above your website in search engines! It needs to give your customers all the location, product, and contact information they need.

Facebook has introduced plenty of new features to help you stand out in your industry. Here are our top 20 ways to optimize your Facebook business page today for better conversion.

1. Add a Fresh Profile Image

Have you been using the same tired Facebook profile image for 10 years? Do you use a pixelated logo that isn’t quite centered? We encounter many businesses who don’t use the right image dimensions for their Facebook profile image–this results in stretching and distortion. Make sure your image is 180×180 pixels so it’s still readable when reduced. Your profile image should also be high-resolution. If it isn’t good enough for your business card, then it certainly shouldn’t be on Facebook.

2. Give Your Cover Photo a Revamp

Your cover photo should ideally be 820×462 pixels, with no distortion or stretching. If you don’t have a cover photo, add one ASAP. It’s the largest most visible photo on your profile–take advantage of it! You can experiment with changing up your cover image for holidays, promotions, and to reflect the changing seasons. Again, you should make sure your photo is high-resolution and professional quality.

3. Add a Welcome Video to Your Cover Image

You can now add a welcome video in place of your cover photo. This is a fantastic way to showcase your products, introduce yourself to your audience, and give a quick introduction to your brand and services. You can also change this video out occasionally to give repeat visitors more incentive to return and see what’s new.

4. Add SEO Keywords

You’ve probably done an SEO audit recently for your website. The same keywords that help your search engine optimization on your website can also be used to optimize your social media profiles. Rethink your about section and other social profile copy, incorporating short and long-tail keywords.

5. Revise Your About Section

Aside from adding keywords to your about section, you should also make sure it’s strategically written to convey the most important aspects of your business–your products and services. You can use hashtags to improve your searchability on Facebook’s internal search. Also take advantage of the expanded about description, which can be up to 10,000 characters.

6. Add a Description to Your Cover Photo

When you click on your profile photo, you can actually add an image description. This can help people searching for your brand. You can also tag yourself in the photo and add the location of your offices. Adding your location aids in local search results–just make sure you remember to update your location here as you would in your profile details!

7. Link Your Instagram Profile

It’s always a good idea to encourage your Facebook followers to also follow you on Instagram. Add your Instagram to your Facebook Profile and enjoy the added bonus of being able to share Instagram content directly on Facebook.

8. Claim Your Custom Vanity URL

When you signed up for your Facebook Business Page, you were assigned a random, long, ugly URL. Once your page has 25 likes, you can go back and change this URL to your business name by going to Settings<Page Info. Try to keep your new page name short, simple, and branded. This not only makes your page easier to find but also makes it look much more polished when you share the URL.

9. Add a Grey “Verified” Badge

Having a “verified” business page is important–it shows your customers that your page is the authentic, official Facebook Business Page for your brand and instills trust. To get your page verified, your page must be published, have a profile photo, and have posts. Most businesses can meet these humble requirements! Here’s an in-depth guide from Facebook on optimizing your Facebook Business Page by adding the grey “verified” badge to your profile.

10. Add a Call-to-action Button

Whether you want your audience to be able to easily request a free quote, make an appointment, redeem a promotion, or simply contact you via direct message, adding a call to action is a fundamental way to optimize your Facebook Business Page for conversion. There are many options for buttons, so explore your options and experiment with which type of button works best for your brand.

11. Add a Shop Section

If you’d like your customers to be able to buy your products or services directly via Facebook, then a Shop section might be perfect for you. You’ll need a Stripe payment platform account and you may have to change your profile to the “Shopping” template. Once you have entered your Stripe account details, you’ll be prompted to describe what you sell and can then add individual products. Here’s an in-depth guide from Facebook!

12. Add a Services Tab

If you want to let your customers know the variety of services you offer, try optimizing your Facebook Business Page by adding a Services tab. You can then add each individual service, which enables you to really diversify the SEO keywords you’re using on your profile, drilling down into each specialty.

13. Pin Important Posts to the Top of Your Page

Are you hiring? Do you have a seductive promotion going on that you know your audience will love? Have you recently reached an important Facebook milestone that you want to make sure your fans see? Then pin this post to the top of your profile. Now, when you post daily to maintain your profile, your most important posts will stick to the top of your feed. They’ll be sure to be the first posts new and return visitors see.

14. Experiment with Facebook Live and Facebook Stories

Facebook is now sadly a pay-to-play platform in many ways. If you want to show up in news feeds, get comfortable adopting Live and Stories as a way to beat the algorithm. Facebook favors brands that optimize their Facebook Business Page with Live and Stories–they take about as much effort as a normal post and have much more organic impact. We also recommend incorporating strategic social ads to improve your reach.

15. Enable Reviews and Recommendations

Reviews and Recommendations are one of the most impactful ways to optimize your Facebook Business Page. With more and more consumers consulting reviews before they purchase a product and buying based on recommendations from friends and family, adding this section to your profile can greatly increase conversions. A word to the wise: if you add this section, make sure to moderate it! A negative review can damage your online reputation, so always respond promptly and try to make it right if a customer has had a poor experience with your brand.

16. Update the Order of Your Page Tabs

Did you know you can rearrange your page tabs? These appear on the left side of your profile, and when you rearrange them the sections in the middle of your page will also change to be in the same order. If you’re a photographer, you might want your photos to appear first on your profile. If you’re selling products, you’ll want those to appear first. If you’re a news organization, you may want your page posts and updates to appear immediately to visitors. Test which sections get the most engagement and rearrange your tabs accordingly.

17. Add a Messenger Instant Reply

Do you often get customer service requests via Facebook Messenger? Or maybe you just want to let those who message you know that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible. Optimize your Facebook Business Page by adding an auto-response when followers message you. Try something simple, short, and friendly. And whatever you do, make sure to actually respond to these messages in a timely fashion!

18. Add a Custom Tab to Your Page

Optimize Your Facebook Business Page by diversifying the way you use Facebook to collect leads. You can add a custom tab to your page to collect emails for your newsletter or sales promotion lists. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to educate your customers about your products and increase repeat business. You can also add custom tabs for all kinds of other goals, so check out your options and test to see which benefit your brand. Pro tip: you may find you need a web developer for this–it can get complicated!

19. Populate Your Pages to Watch Section

An easy way to optimize your Facebook Business Page is to analyze what your top competitors are doing. What tactics are working for them? How do they have their tabs and sections organized? What types of posts are getting the most engagement and what posts have they pinned to the top of their profile? You can get all kinds of information on your industry by keeping an eye on your competition through the Pages to Watch feature in Insights. Add all of your main competitors and compare your page’s performance to theirs. Figure out what you can do better and your page might just outperform theirs!

20. Invest in Social Media Ads

The best way to optimize your Facebook Business Page is through purchasing paid media. Facebook ads have one of the highest ROI, and you don’t have to have a huge budget to reap the benefits. As long as you have professional images, strategic copy, and expert ads targetting to reach the right consumers, your cost per conversion can be very low. While this requires plenty of testing, Facebooks ad management platform is very robust. Make ads a priority if you truly want to grow your business–just make sure you’re also complimenting your ads by posting to your feed daily and optimizing your page with all the other tips in this article.

Facebook will always be a critical part of your online brand. Give it the attention it deserves by employing these 20 tips for optimization. If you need help, Witty Kitty is always here to support you! Just drop us a line with any questions. If you’ve enjoyed this article, you might also like 17 Steps to Optimize Your Instagram for Business Profile in 2019.