So how do I Set Up and Re-authenticate Auto-Posting with Planoly? This is a question we get a LOT. While Planoly is one of our favorite tools for planning, organizing, and analyzing the performance of Instagram (and Pinterest) posts, it has its quirks. Unfortunately, their support page doesn’t do a great job of explaining how to re-authenticate your Facebook if auto-post is not…well…auto-posting!

Don’t worry! This, too, shall pass. Witty Kitty has your back. We will first walk you through how to switch your Instagram account to a Business profile. Then we will show you how to set up Instagram Auto-posting. Finally, we will tell you how to re-authenticate your Facebook if you are having issues with auto-post. If you just want to troubleshoot issues with Auto-post to Instagram, skip to the end of the tutorial!

How to Set Up Instagram Auto-posting in Planoly

Step 1: Make sure your account is public

These directions must be completed using a smartphone. You’ll want to have your Instagram and Facebook Applications logged into the accounts you want to link to Planoly. 

Private Instagram accounts can’t be switched over to business/professional accounts, so make sure yours is set to public or you won’t be able to proceed. If your account is private, you can change it to public. Simply deselect the “Private Account” box in your settings. This step can be done on a desktop, if necessary.

Instagram Privacy settings

Step 2: Go into your settings within the Instagram mobile application

Get to “Settings” by tapping the three bars in the upper right hand of your mobile screen, navigating from your own feed where you see your past posts (not Instagram Home). At the bottom is a gear that says “Settings”—tap that to get to your settings.

Instagram Mobile Settings

Step 3: Make Sure Your Instagram Account is a Business or Creator Profile

Once you are in your settings, you’ll see an option that reads “Switch to Professional Account” at the very bottom, highlighted in blue. Tap this!

Instagram App Settings

Next, choose to convert your profile to a Business account. You’ll also be prompted to link your Instagram to your Facebook Page. Once you’ve completed both steps, you’re ready to set up auto-post!

Busineess Account Instagram Mobile App

Step 4: Open Planoly and Set Up Autopost

If you haven’t already signed up for Planoly, go ahead and do that here. Download the mobile application and complete these steps using your smartphone.

Make sure you are logged into your business (not personal) Instagram account and the Facebook account that is associated with your Facebook Business Page. Once you are logged in, click on the menu at the top right. In the dropdown choose “My Profile” from the options.

Planoly Dashboard Settings

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a section called “Managed Social Profiles” where you will find your Instagram profile. Beneath it, there is a toggle that says “Auto-post”. If your account is not yet set up to auto-post, this is where you can set it up. Click the toggle over to “YES”, and the prompts will guide you through the rest! You’ll link your Facebook Page to your account through the prompts, which is necessary to authenticate your account in Planoly.

planoly social accounts

How to Re-authenticate Your Facebook

Plus some other useful troubleshooting tips

So what if you have already set up Planoly Auto-posting to Instagram and it isn’t working? You may be getting an error in the Planoly App that your Facebook account needs to be re-authenticated or that your scheduled post could not be posted. You might see that the missed schedule date for one of your posts is now red, indicating an error. Try the tips below to fix the issue.

Step 5: Re-link your Facebook account to Planoly 

Planoly will usually prompt you to re-authenticate your Facebook account. In many cases, you can simply follow the prompts in the Planoly mobile application or on desktop. Just make sure you are signed in to the right Facebook account! But, sometimes life happens and you accidentally exit, the app crashes, or you hit back only to find yourself not knowing how to do things manually.

First, try repeating step #4 above. It can be as simple as re-clicking the toggle over to enable auto-post to Instagram! Pat yourself on the back, you’re a genius! If that doesn’t work…read on.

Step 6: Go to Facebook Business Integrations Settings 

If that doesn’t work, we suggest you try manually unlinking your Facebook account to Planoly. This is best done with Facebook on a desktop. Log into your Facebook account, then visit your Business Integrations settings. If you can’t find it, and you missed the link in that last sentence… click here! You’ll see all of the integrations currently active on your Facebook account. Planoly should appear in the list.

If it doesn’t, then Facebook is not linked to your Planoly account, and you need to start with Step #1 above.

Facebook Business Integrations

You can click “View and Edit” next to Planoly in the list to see specifications for what Facebook and Planoly share. When you click on this, you should also see at the top that Planoly is “Active” in green.

Planoly Facebook Permissions

Step 7: Disconnect Planoly from Facebook

To start fresh and re-connect Planoly to Facebook, you’ll want to remove Planoly from this list by selecting the box next to it and clicking “Remove”. This is the last resort when you have tried everything else.

Make sure your auto-posts meet all of Planoly’s specifications before you do this, as there are some limitations for what content can be auto-posted. If Planoly is listed and active, you may not need to remove it—there may be another reason your post didn’t go live as scheduled.

If you do choose to remove Planoly from your Facebook account, make ABSOLUTELY SURE NOT TO CHECK THIS BOX, as it can remove past content on your Facebook and Instagram that Planoly posted. I repeat: DO NOT CHECK THE BOX next to “Delete posts, videos or events Planoly posted on your timeline.” Only click the “Remove” button.

remove planoly from facebook

Step 8: Re-authenticate Facebook

When you re-open your Planoly app, you will be prompted to re-authenticate your Facebook account. All you have to do to re-authenticate your account follow the prompts. You will then want to enable auto-posting again and go through all of your future posts to make sure the little auto-post airplane appears in the corner. Pay close attention to make sure your next post goes live as intended. As long as it does, you’ll know re-authentification was a success!

planoly auto-post airplane icon

Step 9: Hire Witty Kitty to fill your Insta Feed

Planoly is a blessing for social media managers, business owners, and agencies like Witty Kitty. We adore it! We run into very few problems using this scheduling tool, so we are confident you’ll love it as much as we do. Need help filling your content calendar with engaging, strategic social media posts that grow your following and boost sales? Give Witty Kitty a shout! We can help.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 2018 and has recently been revamped by our team to offer the latest and greatest images, stats, and educational info. Enjoy!