Navigating social media is tricky for any brand, but social media for CBD cosmetics brands can be extra challenging. Many social media sites have banned advertisements for CBD products, so that means your social media accounts often need to do more than their fair share of the work to bring in customers!

If you make CBD cosmetics, your social media presence will be a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy. Here are six tips to maximize your results.

1. Focus on Influencer Marketing

If you’re serious about social media for cbd cosmetics, then influencers will be your best friends. No need to toot your own horn when someone else can do it for you! 💃 Without being able to use social media advertisements, influencer marketing is the next best thing if you want to get your product in front of as many people as possible. Celebrity endorsements are obviously the best-case scenario, but many smaller brands just don’t have the budget to pay Kylie Jenner to rep their products. Shoot for enlisting micro-influencers with a few thousand followers—or a few hundred thousand.

When it comes to sharing influencer-sourced testimonials on your page, it’s a good idea to mix them right in with reviews from regular customers. This lends some authenticity. 

2. Participate in Social Media Trends

As a CBD cosmetics brand, let’s be honest, your social media strategy is unlikely to focus on attracting Baby Boomers. So, assuming Millennials are your target audience, it’s always a good idea to stay on top of the latest trends. One Instagram account that excels at using trends in their CBD cosmetics social media posts is @beboetherapies. 

Notice how this post makes great use of emoji, hashtags, and a reference to the biggest trendsetter of all: Queen Bey. Beboe doesn’t even mention their product in this post, and they don’t have to. By engaging their followers with fun, trendy content, they guarantee that their target audience will want to keep coming back for more.

3. Post on Multiple Platforms

Why limit yourself to just one or two platforms when tackling social media for CBD cosmetics? Multi-task like a pro by adding your voice to more social media platforms! Diversifying your online presence is a simple way to expand your reach, and it’s easy to cross-promote your other pages so that your biggest fans can find you wherever they are. Each platform has its own unique demographics and culture. We’ve found Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to be the most natural; homes for CBD cosmetics. But you can also make your mark on video platforms like Youtube by reaching out to influencers.

4. Create a Consistent Aesthetic

Just like any brand with a social media presence, there should be consistency within your CBD cosmetics social media posts. However, finding your aesthetic as a CBD cosmetics brand can be tricky. Some brands have faced backlash for seemingly glorifying marijuana usage on their social media profiles, so there is some amount of subtlety required. One brand that does this well is Lord Jones. This CBD-product maker’s Instagram page is full of dreamy, psychedelic gifs, often with the caption “Weekend with us.” You can often say how you feel and communicate your beliefs without being in-your-face!

The effect is a very soothing social media page that pairs well with CBD products, without crossing the line into promoting drug culture. Still feeling unsure? Here are some more of our tips for CBD social media.

5. Interact with Your Followers

CBD cosmetics are still new to the game, so it’s likely that your followers will have a lot of questions. Can CBD lotion cure acne? Is CBD makeup even legal? Can CBD mascara get you high??

Have answers prepared for common questions, and be patient when interacting with your followers. Taking time to engage with individual followers in your comment sections is good karma. Followers and customers that feel listened to are more likely to return to your page, and maybe even write you a great testimonial!

6. Be More Than a Promotional Page

We’ve touched on this idea in other parts of this list, but few people want to follow a social media page that is 100% advertisement for your product. If you want to become a permanent part of their feed, then you’ll need to bring something more to the table. As a CBD cosmetics company, you may want to post makeup or skincare tips, or perhaps educational posts about the benefits of CBD products (and remember: video content is the gold standard). Try giving practical tips that are culturally relevant, like Kuida CBD Cosmetics. 

There are some unique challenges when it comes to social media for CBD cosmetics, but keep these tips in mind and you will be off to a great start. Prefer to leave it to the experts? Contact us today for help with your CBD cosmetics social media posts, content strategy, and more!

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