All business owners know that social media is a necessary component of a healthy marketing plan. To stay relevant in your industry, you have to maintain your online presence, and innovate too. If you’re having trouble coming up with creative ideas, here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Company Updates and Events

Do you post to your social media profiles multiple times when you throw an event, host a well-known influencer for the day, or organize a volunteer activity for your employees? If not, you’re missing a huge opportunity to build your brand. While it may seem obvious that you should be telling your customers about the goings-on at your business, explore creative and funny ways to tell your story on social media. Try candid pictures of employees instead of posed, include quotes and jokes, or add to your story and take live video instead of a normal post.

2. #TBT, #FBF, and Other Weekly Hashtags

While there are always the tried-and-true weekly hashtags, the competition for these is insanely high. If you’re feeling stuck, try researching daily hashtags for your industry. No matter what you’re business does, there is probably a weekly hashtag associated with it—like #marijuanamonday, #tiretuesday, and #whippedcreamwednesday. If a hashtag doesn’t exist already, make up your own! Just make sure you stay clear of banned hashtags.

3. Silly Days of the Year

Just about every subject you can fathom has a day dedicated to it. While we aren’t convinced that anyone actually celebrates “National Men Cook Dinner Day” (hello antiquation) or “National Eat Your Beans Day” (mmm…beans!), these dates can make for really humorous and engaging social media posts.

Think about how you can tie in a trending holiday with your content. If they’re relevant to your business or audience, your followers are sure to love it. We personally enjoyed celebrating “Canadian Tuxedo Day” and “National Donut Day” this year, but those are just our priorities…

4. Monthly Observances and Holidays

Weekly hashtags and “days of the year” allow for whimsical social media posts. Monthly observances and holidays provide a moment for education and promotion. Leverage these days to get a bit more intimate with your audience—talking about real issues and sharing genuine opinions and emotions.

For instance, if your company raise funds each year for the Susan G. Coleman Race for the Cure, then posting to voice your support during #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth or for #NationalCancerSurvivorsDay might be a great way to bring your followers together. Likewise, you can use holidays like Christmas, St. Patricks Day, or Passover to share your brand personality with your audience. Don’t just post a stock image with a generic salutation. Put some time and thought into a heartfelt message!

5. Industry News

If you want to convert leads from your social media channels, you need to entertain your customers and educate them about your industry and why you are the best. Share industry news and give insight about current events to establish your brand as a thought leader. This means customers will look to you as an authority when they need information or advice. Sharing industry news and events also shows your audience that you’re in-the-know about emerging trends and you’re ready to innovate to address their changing needs.

6. Adorable Things

The content that performs the best on social media (no matter your industry) features pets, children, and authentic moments you have at your company. In other words, things that make you go “awwww!” Give a shout out to the “cutest office furbaby” each month, letting employees submit the best pics of their pooch or kitty. Capture candid family moments at the company picnic. Anything that adds a human, relatable element to your feed will do swimmingly.

7. Inspirational Quotes and Fun Facts

It’s easy to draw your audience in with an enlightening quote or fact from your business mentor, a personal hero, or…mom. It’s also a great way to add dimension to your feeds visually. Spice up quotes and make your posts stand out with design programs like Canva. You can also experiment with pre-made templates if graphic design isn’t your strong suit. Not everyone is Picasso, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a professional-looking post.

Social media marketing is time-consuming. Spend your time wisely by testing what resonates with your audience and building a genuine picture of your brand. Hopefully, these seven inspirations will help you the next time you brainstorm. If not, you can always contact us helpful gals at Witty Kitty Digital to take the reins!