Pinterest for Business is super valuable for brands—offering one of the highest returns on investment for ad spend and longest life-spans for content! But you have to pin the right kind of content to maximize your results. If you need help with Pinterest pin ideas and overall strategy, here are some tips to implement ASAP.

Pinterest for Business Tips

Before you do anything, please, please please…

Create Relevant Boards

You have to give your pins a relevant home. This is where Pinterest boards come in. Create a handful of boards that pertain to your brand. If you’re a psychiatrist, perhaps you can create a board for homeopathic supplements like CBD oil and medical cannabis, a medical education board for your website’s blog articles and repinned resource articles, and a board for recommended reading.

If you own a lifestyle brand, perhaps you should create a board for fashion, sustainability education, and travel—like we have for one of our clients below. Whatever your industry, think about what your customers or patients are interested in and create boards and pins around those topics. Also, consider joining or creating group boards! That’s a whole different ballgame in itself.

sustainable lifestyle brand Pinterest pin ideas and pin boards

Repin Content Regularly

Pinterest is all about sharing and saving content. You’ll be wise to repin at least four to 20 pins per day. This will help build your overall profile, increase your reach and relevance among target pinners, and build your content for others to find and save. If you’re just starting out on Pinterest, it’s best to get your boards stocked with pins before you start promoting pins or publishing original content. It’s like making sure your website is functional and complete before you launch it.

Strategic Pinterest Pin Ideas

Once you’ve completed the previous tips and this check-list to get your Pinterest for Business account off on the right foot, try publishing pins in the following categories.

1. Educational Blog Content

Pinners love educational blog content—from recipes to how-tos to tips to lead a better life. Cross promote your blog and deliver content people want to consume by creating original pins that link to blog articles. The Vitamin Shoppe pin below is a great example of an educational pin. It links to a blog about water weight on the company’s website. The pin and the blog contain similar keywords which help with your ranking in Pinterest’s algorithm and the overall user experience. Plus, the simple, high-quality designed pin is branded, eye-catching, and easily understood. Do something similar and you’ll be off to the races!

how to create educational pins on Pinterest for blog traffic

2. Products and Reviews

Pinners want to see your products! That’s because 90 percent of pinners say they use Pinterest to prepare to buy something—and 40 percent of Pinterest users make over $100,000 per year for their household. Definitely work your products into designed and plain image pins with links to those specific product pages. Include descriptive, rich text that includes hashtags and keywords. That will help relevant buyers find your pins and complete a purchase.

Also, consider adding testimonial pins to your Pinterest strategy. Testimonials warrant having their own board if you’re receiving press or pulling reviews from your website. Here’s an example of Bee’s Wrap showing off its products and trusted reviews to increase sales. By linking to product pages and original reviews, you’ll up your street cred and make more sales.

testimonial pins for Pinterest for business strategy

3. Videos

Pinterest is unique in many ways—being a bit behind the times with video is one of them. On Pinterest, high-quality images reign supreme, but video is catching up. As of 2018, you still need to house your videos on Youtube or another channel and pin them via a link—not directly uploaded onto Pinterest like an image pin. Try creating your own videos to drive traffic to a Youtube channel or educational video content.

4. Gift Guides

Pinterest is a shopping mecca. That’s why it’s so valuable to marketers: because people are already there in a buyer’s mindset! In other words, these types of pins are super close to the end of the sales funnel and all you have to do is capture the attention of pinners and steer them in the right direction to close a sale!

If you have something to sell, create a gift guide of your products for the holidays, popular shopping and promotional events like President’s Day or Labor Day, or even for wedding registries, baby showers, gifts ideas for men, women, husbands, wives…the list goes on! Create compelling visuals, incorporate relevant keywords, and link your gift guide pins to relevant product pages to help convert people who are actively trying to find gifts.

health and wellness gift guide Pinterest pin strategy

5. Trending Topics and Keywords

Social media is all about capitalizing on trending topics to join the larger conversation. Pay attention to trending topics like pumpkin spice latte, New York Fashion Week, backpack kid, and anything else that pops up in pop culture. Also, focus on keywords. If you notice certain keywords gaining traction, create pins about those keywords—and use them in your copy!

Do preliminary keyword research with Pinterest’s search bar in just a few minutes. Start by typing in short tail keywords like “CBD.” Then take note of what auto-populates below in the keyword bar or within the search bar itself. Click around on pins and competitor pages to see the context of these keywords. Then, get to pinning your own original content to seize on this engaged and passionate audience. Just make sure whatever the keyword and trending topic is, it pertains to your brand.


Quotes get a lot of traction on Pinterest. Consider adding a Pinterest board dedicated to quotes. Thankfully, quotes are diverse and you should be able to find a sizable collection relevant to your brand. For instance, if your business sells vitamins, look for health and wellness quotes. Throw in some pins about positivity. Create your own designed pins and repin quotes for the best results.

7. Books, Resources, and Reading Material

Your Pinterest business account should be well-rounded—including original pins, repins, and overlapping topics of interest. Books, resources, and reading material make wonderful pins for your page. Include pins to your own content, e-books, webinars, and resource articles. Also, take time to pin content you recommend from other users. This helps your Pinterest SEO and delivers quality pins people want to share and save.

8. Giveaways and Promotions

Customers are like moths to flames when you promote a giveaway or sale. Determine your budget for doing so and then create pins about discounts and special offers. Link to the special promotion page, provide the promo code within the Pin text, and pay attention to analytics on Pinterest and your website to see how this cross-promotion works for you.

9. Infographics

When you scroll through your Pinterest feed, you might notice a lot of infographics. From Pinterest to Google image search, people LOVE their infographics. We personally tout infographics that are created for larger resource articles like buyer’s guides, product spotlights, or DIY/how-to articles. Not only are infographics visually pleasing and attention-grabbing, they provide a lot of beneficial information at a glance—enticing pinners to save your pin and click through to your website. Create custom infographics for your pins and see what happens.

CBD oil Pinterest for business marketing tips

10. Best Performing Pins

The precious gem that comes with your free Pinterest for business account is your free analytics dashboard. Check out your data frequently to determine your most popular pins, monthly viewers, daily and monthly impressions, and more. Then, riff on your most popular pins with new spin-off content. Ride your pin’s coat tails, if you will.

11. Promoted Pins

Organic pins pull their weight. Promoted pins do even better; often delivering $2 for every $1 spent on your Pinterest advertising account. Create pins promote, choose best performing pins and give those a boost, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Testing promoted pin strategy will help you hone in on your audience and increase revenue.

Think you have enough Pinterest pin ideas to start pinning your little heart out! Good, we sure hope so! With these tips, high-quality imagery, and keyword/hashtag-filled copy, you should see an uptick in your efforts on Pinterest. If not, give us a shout and we’ll see how we can help. In the meantime, head back to the blog to learn more DIY social media marketing, email marketing, and overall content marketing tips.