We love marketing for health and wellness brands because their products are a huge part of our crunchy, healthy lives. Our daily uniform is yoga pants, and we are not ashamed! It’s no secret that one of our main motivations behind founding Witty Kitty was to have more flexibility in our schedules. To have time during our workday to do the things that matter most to us–like staying in shape, walking our dog-children, and eating amazing, healthful, home-cooked food.

If you own a health and wellness business that’s doing good in the world by helping people feel and look their best, we want to help you differentiate your products and grow your business. Here’s a little bit more background on why we love working with health and wellness brands like yours.


1. We’re Crazy About Fitness and the Great Outdoors

When we aren’t marketing for health and wellness brands, you’ll catch us perfecting our yoga headstand, hitting the trail for a hike, or bouncing away stress with our favorite rebounder workout. We value our own health and fitness, and we do our research when it comes to what’s good for us and our families. Witty Kitty is educated about the latest nutritional supplements, scientific health studies, and calorie-crushing exercise trends. If you sell health-related products, we are likely your target demographic! We may even have tried your products before.


2. We Eat Kale and Drink Protein Shakes with a Smile

Both Witty Kitty co-founders are foodies and we’ve been known to eat mounds of delicious, cheese-smothered carbohydrates. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate whole foods that taste great while nourishing our bodies! As enthusiastic as we are about fitness, we are twice as passionate about organic, non-GMO, all-natural foods. Co-founder, Clair Jones, is also gluten-free and has severe food allergies. So, we know first-hand how hard it can be to keep up with a limited diet. We are constantly trying new healthy recipes, experimenting with food substitutions, and incorporating superfoods sneakily into meals. Because we have so much experience with natural foods in our personal lives it’s easy (probably a little too easy) for us to get fired up about health and wellness nutrition brands.


3. Doctors and Nutritionists are Our Friends and Families

Health and wellness hit close to home for Witty Kitty. Our families are made up of medical doctors, nutritionists, diabetes educators, marathon runners, and personal trainers. We’re super lucky to always have a family member or friend who can answer strange health questions at four in the morning! We also have plenty of experience with the nitty-gritty reality of running a medical practice. When marketing for health and wellness brands, it doesn’t matter how amazing your product is if your brand doesn’t stand out. It’s a highly saturated field, so we know that having solid knowledge of the industry is key to getting your brand the results you want.


4. We Satisfy FDA Guidelines While Engaging Consumers

The Food and Drug Administration has strict guidelines for what your health and wellness brand can and cannot say. Marketing for health and wellness brands means toeing the line between honest promotion and what the FDA might consider a “false claim”. We are familiar with the FDA disclaimer, and we know how to use it! Helping health and wellness brands communicate the benefits of a product while sticking to FDA guidelines can be tough, but it’s a challenge we rise to daily!


5. Health and Wellness is Just More Fun!

Let’s get real–marketing for health and wellness is just plain fun! We spend our days thinking about pea protein, debating the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, and promoting therapeutic massage. It doesn’t suck, people. Do you manage a health brand or work as a health practitioner? Then you know how exciting and positive marketing for health and wellness brands can be! We think that genuinely believing in and enjoying what we do makes us better marketers, and our clients agree.

If you’d like to hear how passionate we are about marketing for health and wellness brands in person, schedule a free consultation with us today! We always love hearing from new products and players in the industry and would be happy to give you some content strategy advice.

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