Let us preface this article by saying we aren’t insufferably righteous hippies—or chic-ies. We just want our lives and livelihoods to mean something. Did we lose you on the non-insufferable believability part? In all realness though, we founded Witty Kitty to do more of what we love—digital marketing for sustainable brands and other companies that do good for the world.

If you own a green brand that’s eco-friendly, sustainable, environmentally-conscious, and all of that Mother Earth-loving jazz, we’d love to help you communicate your mission and grow your business. Here’s a little bit more about why we do what we do for sustainable brands like yours.

Why We Partner With Sustainable Brands for all of Their Digital Marketing Needs

1. We Practice What We Preach

We are 100 percent your demographic: We’re millennials who work with a team who also share your green mission and philosophy. In our spare time, you’ll find us whipping up our own organic body butter, sipping on drinks through reusable straws, gardening, beekeeping, and thrift shopping. We also subscribe to magazines which focus on sustainable homesteading, building, and living a low carbon footprint lifestyle.

Suffice to say, we live and breathe a sustainable lifestyle (and strive to be less hypocritical and greener every day). Thanks to that, we know what your demographic wants, needs, and holds dearest to their hearts. (Because we’re it.)

2. There’s a Demand for Sustainable Brands

Supply and demand is the basis of all marketing. Luckily, there’s a HUGE (and growing) demand for sustainable brands and renewable energy like solar power—especially among millennials. According to research, nearly three-quarters of all millennials are willing to spend more money on sustainable products and services—and 66 percent of all people surveyed worldwide share the same view.

The time is now for sustainable brands! We’re ready to help you improve your video marketing, social media marketing, website design, and more to help you capture these interested buyers. Better yet, we’re here to support you as you reshape our buying culture to quality over quantity and earth-friendly products before wasteful single-use items.

3. When You Feel Good About Your Work, You Work Harder

Before Witty Kitty, we had the privilege of working for huge consumer brands (rhymes with Schmizney). While that’s all fun and pixie dust most days, it doesn’t exactly move society toward a more sustainable way of life. We found ourselves gravitating toward sustainable businesses because we feel passionate about your missions and global impact.

The act of ideating, writing, and executing social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and more is taxing. However, when you do this for something you believe in, the subject matter itself lights a natural fire under your bum to get it done and get it done well. We’ve found, it’s a lot more pleasurable to go to work every day when it centers around the subject matter you’re most passionate about.

4. The Planet Needs More Sustainable Brands Like Yours

What doesn’t the planet need? More waste. What does it need? More ethical solutions to help people lead better lives without marring the earth. We support brands and businesses that produce smart solutions to customer demands while benefitting nature too.

If you’d like to hear more about our skillset and philosophy, get in touch! We’re be honored to be a part of your vision and solution for sustainable living.