So, you’re already planning your small business content strategy for 2020? Hell yeah. We applaud you! Small businesses determined to grow will focus on content that customers can easily consume, share, and enjoy. 

Great content strategy isn’t trendy. It’s all about educational, long-form content that actually helps your audience—instead of keyword stuffing and selling products. Okay, there’s a balance. BUT great content should be about your audience. If it is, it’ll help you understand how technology impacts the customer’s journey. If you’re here, you’re a planner. We like that about you. So here’s some free advice from us complete with predictions for 2020.

5 Predictions for Small Business Content Strategy in 2020: Areas to Use as Your Focus

Prediction Number One: Video Marketing Will Dominate

Have you heard the saying, “Video killed the radio star?” We’d hate it if lack of video killed your content strategy too. Search and you will find all kinds of statistics like this: “Internet traffic from video will be around 80% in the coming years, with live video growing to 13% by 2021.” As a friend and someone who beats the dead horse on this topic, we need to tell you that it’s more affordable than you think to incorporate video marketing into your small business content strategy in 2020. It’s more approachable than you may believe too.

We help many industries with different budgets kick out videos their customers love. Explore easy ways to start video content like motion graphic videos that teach customers about products and services. You don’t have to always do live-action videos, but when done well, this content helps your SEO tremendously. Plus, you can use these videos on social media channels, in your email campaigns, and other marketing tactics. Explore the many options available and make video your top marketing priority in 2020—like super cool tools like Lumen5 which converts blogs to quick, engaging videos.

Prediction Number Two: Users Will Start Searching More with Long-Tailed Keyword Phrases

Sometimes Google search disappoints us, and we spit and hiss (or cuss and whine) until we figure out the keywords Google wants us to use. But now with the Hummingbird update to Google’s algorithm, we can use more conversational search queries and get results! Yeehaw. This is great news for Googlers, but how do brands like yours change your content strategy? You should start using long-tail, semantic keyword phrases for SEO and content creation. 

Your customers already perform conversational searches, and benefit from FAQ-themed, long-form content like case studies and data-driven white papers. These may be more labor-intensive to produce, but you get a great bang-for-your-buck when you split them into smaller content pieces to re-market. Consumers at the beginning and middle of their customer journeys will thank you for making in-depth education available!

Prediction Number Three: You Will Need More Content for Communities 

People used to search for online communities to find their tribe. Now they join communities just to talk about products and services! Your new small business content strategy for 2020 has to include getting more reviews for your business on Google and Yelp. Don’t miss out on free publicity as people share thoughts about your product or services. And remember that education part we mentioned? Users love to share their knowledge with other users to help them better their user experience. Win, win!

While it may feel like people in these communities are ditching your brand, it’s only for a little while. Innovative marketers are ready to embrace these brand-neutral communities. And they will continue to market to these groups by committing to real-time response queries and creating interesting conversations with influencers and word-of-mouth strategies. On top of that, they will zero in on consumers at the local level, adding content in additional languages. The more people that understand your content, the more people will support your business.

Prediction Number Four: Technology Will Make Email Marketing More Relevant and Personal

We hope this prediction excites everyone. Drink the Koolaid and get pumped. Consumers get way too many emails from brands these days. Actually, they just get too many emails they have zero interest in. But here’s the good news about email marketing. Technology is already improving the subscriber experience. Machine learning helps businesses get better data like customer signals and site behavior in order to show customers products they didn’t even think to ask for.

Inventions like email readers will continue to learn how to push content consumers love to the top of the inbox. With this in mind, try even harder to create campaigns to improve email click-through rates, email open rates, and traffic to your website. You’ll want your emails on point when these smart readers push your content to the top for recipients. 


Prediction Number Five: Social Media Will be the Place for Product Discovery

Social media channels continue to attract more active users and consequently, brands are moving in. Make sure to take advantage of all the new features. Small businesses should review the resources available to engage with customers and share product info in interesting ways. Many people now skip search engines altogether. With the rise of visual searches, people prefer to shop visually on Pinterest or Instagram using hashtags. 

If your business doesn’t have the time, we provide social media management and consulting to help give you your time back! As product discovery becomes more visual, you’ll have to win customers with more than just products. Your feed will need to contain craveable content to keep customers coming back to learn more. It’s worth it to invest money and time because more than half of internet users follow brands they love. 

The new year should be pretty exciting if you focus on these five areas to improve your small business content strategy. Even if you take it slow, challenge yourself to start using more features on social platforms. You don’t have to do them all, but you do need to start using these tactics to keep up with the times. Why? Because customers like to see brands evolve and try new things. So if your ready to freshen up, why not drop us a line? We’re excited for the new year and happy to help!