Marketing For Green Businesses

Does Your Brand Believe In Sustainability?

 If your green business, eco-friendly product, or sustainable lifestyle brand enriches lives without harming our planet or its inhabitants, we want to be a part of your path to success! Because doing good makes us feel great. And also, because the good life is moot if our earth goes to pot.

Our Green and Eco-Friendy Specialties


Do you specialize in LEED certification, solar power, renewable resources, and/or green real estate development? Let’s chat. 


Calling all sustainable clothing, sustainable beauty products, zero waste products, and 100% sustainable brands.

Our Favorite Color Is Green

We strive to work with as many sustainable businesses and ethically-sourced products as possible. Why? Because we personally believe in harnessing our marketing powers for good. 

We support responsible businesses that sell cruelty-free, non-GMO, organic products that leave customers looking and feeling amazing. We also have our eye on the bigger picture, creating website design, case studies, and other digital marketing materials for sustainable real estate developers, green apartment complexes, solar power companies, and even nonprofits working to restore the planet through advocacy. If your product or service appeals to the save-the-planet crowd, we can help!


From case studies and white papers to social media strategy and email marketing, we help green businesses and sustainable lifestyle brands increase their reach and maintain their reputation.

“Witty Kitty has extensive knowledge in traditional marketing, social media, and PR—making them a perfect fit for our needs. We started with case studies, and the team provided unique strategy to craft an engaging story that was relevant to the sustainability industry, conducted interviews, and delivered a professional and polished finished product that was on brand while helping us evolve our message of sustainable, community-based practices.“

Andrea French

Vice President of Administration, Sustainable Comfort, Inc.

“We’ve been working with Witty Kitty for all of our copywriting needs and we have nothing other than high praise for the professionalism, speed, and quality of their work.”

Andrew Consigli

Co-Founder, Civico Development

“Partnering with a team like Witty Kitty is great because they share our mission and values when it comes to what we are doing, so it is great to use their enthusiasm to help our marketing efforts.”

James Moriarty

Vice President, Sustainable Comfort, Inc.

 “I’ve known the Witty Kitty team for years, and have really enjoyed the time we’ve now spent working together to get the content strategy rolling for my own business. They’re responsive, strategic, and show a real vested interest in our success.”

David Smith

Director of Marketing, Anson Calder

“I happened upon Witty Kitty (thanks google) and let’s just say it was a dream come true. I felt I had found my business “fairy godmothers.” They took the time to understand me as a person, my preferences, my business, my brand, and my future business goals.”

Shiann Chambers

Owner, Wilde Honey Blooms

Can We Help You?

We assist the following green business specialties, and more


Marketing for green construction companies


Marketing for eco-friendly designers


Marketing for green architects and engineers


Marketing for green real estate developers


Marketing for energy efficiency consultants


Marketing for green energy consulting firms


Marketing for sustainable clothing brands


Marketing for zero-waste products


Marketing for sustainable lifestyle brands

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