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Website Optimization


Wholesun Wellness was experiencing rapid growth with its medicinal mushrooms and needed its website to catch up. Starting small, we created SEO-friendly product descriptions and rewrote the entire website to educate customers and establish unique branding.

“We had the opportunity to start working with the dynamic duo of Witty Kitty approximately six months ago.  Although our product was a bit different than any others Clair or Caroline had worked with, they were enthusiastic to research and learn about the industry we are in, our product and how our product is different.  They wrote the product descriptions and were open to any suggestions that we wanted.  As our professional relationship has grown, they have been writing our blogs and providing our customers with a variety of content that is always engaging, educational and sometimes humorous.

Adding Witty Kitty to our team as was a fabulous decision that has allowed me to focus on running other parts of my business; knowing I can trust them to consistently provide content that attracts a stream of new visitors to our website but also keeps our followers coming back for more of the blogs! “

– Jme Bonfiglio / Owner of Wholesun Wellness