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Are you looking to sell more homes, improve your online reputation within the real estate industry, and become a thought leader for other real estate brokerages in your area? We can help you close the deal.

Appraise Your Online Marketing So It Passes Inspection

We spend a lot of time in our home offices and out in the field meeting with clients, so we value the hustle that real estate agents, developers, and brokerages go through to make a sale. As entrepreneurs, we understand the value of effective social media marketing, email marketing, and in-person marketing opportunities. We can help you develop your brand and broadcast the unique features of your properties to your target market—while working around your busy schedule. We tailor messaging to luxury homes, sustainable apartment complexes and condos, vacation properties, and historical renovation projects.

What our real estate clients think


From social media strategy to white papers and trending real estate reports, we help real estate industry experts succeed through strategic marketing.

“As a green building consulting and construction company, we needed a partner who understood that our approach is always to educate others about the industry and not to brag incessantly about how great we are. We often go to them for advice about overall business and marketing strategy and they’re always able to provide helpful insights and tips. I would recommend Witty Kitty to anyone who values organized communication, a friendly agency, creative thinking, high-quality services, and great value.” 

Andrea French

Vice President of Administration, Sustainable Comfort

“Witty Kitty has been very helpful as we expand and take on more projects, to be able to adequately showcase the successes of our clients toward more sustainable building practices.”

James Moriarty

Vice President, Sustainable Comfort

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