What We Do

Connecting with customers is a never-ending game of cat and mouse.

In order to capture their affections, we leverage more than sharp claws.

We begin every client relationship by analyzing where your brand stands with your customers, in the industry, and in terms of your goals. 

Next, we come up with a content plan to optimize what’s there and add to it. We make your brand something customers want to interact with, brag about to their friends, and do business with for years to come.

While our clients love their results, they equally adore our refreshingly transparent and streamlined process that allows you to be as involved or hands-off as you’d like. And of course, the industry jargon we spare them!

While we don’t discriminate, we love to work with brands that do something good for the world. That’s why we specialize in health, wellness, medical, and sustainable lifestyle brands.

With that said, it’s impossible not to use some jargon when describing what we do. Bear with us! If you have questions, we are happy to explain in detail.

Social Media Marketing

Instagram Marketing

If you aren’t focused on Instagram, you’re likely missing a huge opportunity to attract new customers. Let’s fix that! Witty Kitty Instagram management will help your business attract more followers and build engagement the right way—organically, through craveable content, fresh hashtags, live video on IGTV, fun stories, and savvy strategy.

Facebook Marketing

Build trust and a solid reputation on Facebook. We’ll help you do this by hunting down the most relevant and interesting content to share—keeping your audience interested, educated, and thinking about your product or service—and using posts, Facebook stories, and Facebook Live to our advantage. Facebook management is especially important if you’re running paid ads.

Pinterest Marketing

Build your Pinterest boards strategically. We’ll craft professional, designed pins to draw the right eyes to your content while curating daily pins that broadcast your brand’s messaging. Pinners will like and share your products, building your online credibility.

LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin is the professional face of your business. Shouldn’t it look great? We’ll help you polish your public image by sharing relevant industry news, publishing original Pulse articles, and positioning your brand as a thought leader.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the pulse of the internet. Are you tuned in to what’s happening in your industry? Are you part of the conversation? We’ll help you take command of your Twitter presence, increasing engagement and honing your brand’s public voice.

Community Outreach

Social media algorithms don’t just favor great content—they factor in how you’re interacting with other users on the platform. To help you show up in social media feeds, we reach out to your followers, engage with influencers, and do all the legwork necessary so your content is seen after you hit “publish.”

Content Strategy

Content Creation

Cat videos are hard to contend with. Albeit, we pride ourselves on crafting entertaining, educational, and persuasive content for your website, blog, and social channels that people want to consume. Your content won’t just sound pretty, it will also help your SEO so you rank in search engines. Incorporate keywords without sounding like a used car salesman! We’ll also help you move your brand into the future with produced and animated videos.

Website Copy Optimization & SEO

Sometimes a small UX, design, or copy tweak makes a huge difference in your sales. If your customers are confused by your copy or aren’t visually attracted to your pop-up and buttons, they aren’t going to convert. We help you optimize your site so customers get what they need and fork over the moolah. We also offer front and back-end SEO services so your site is indexed properly. While social media advertising is key, you also want to be found organically (and for free)!

Email Marketing

Don’t waste your leads! Keep in touch with prospective and existing customers through strategic email marketing. Whether you’re emailing cold or warm leads, we’ll help you establish effective customer journeys.

Video Production

Live, produced, and animated videos are the most popular form of content—and becoming even more so by the day. We can start small and provide artistic direction and scripts. Or we can go all out with live-action and/or motion graphics animations. The possibilities are endless.

Design Services

Website Design & Development

Whether your website could benefit from a few small UX tweaks or needs a complete overhaul, we have talented designers and developers who will get it done right—within your timeline and budget! We offer everything from simple WordPress re-skins to custom features development.

Graphic Design & Branding

We’ll help you conceptualize your new logo and refresh your branding, create viral infographics for your blog, or any other design element your heart desires. We offer graphic design services for print and mailer campaigns and attractive headers for blog posts and social media profiles.


Custom Classes & One-On-One Training

Want to learn DIY digital marketing? We create tailored classes for teams. We’ll train your staff in the latest and greatest social media management, content strategy, and marketing outreach tactics. Each session includes materials, instruction, a working session, and Q&A—so you can become masters of in-house content. Of course, we do one-on-one training sessions too.

Speaking Events

Looking for women in marketing to speak at your event or conference? Our voices carry, and we aren’t afraid to use them! Send us an email if you’re looking for speakers who will entertain, educate, and share actionable tips and tricks earned during our 20+ years in the industry.

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