what we do

Connecting with customers is a never-ending game of cat and mouse.

In order to capture their affections, we leverage more than sharp claws. As a full-service marketing agency, we do it all—from website redesigns to social media strategy and consulting to SEO-driven content, videos, paid media, email marketing campaigns, and anything else your heart desires.

our specialties

We love to work with brands that do something good for the world and add value to people’s lives. We may be marketers, but we want to sleep soundly at night! Learn more about our emphasis on the health and wellness, medical and dental, sustainable lifestyle, and real estate development industries and if we’re a good fit for your brand.

our process

We begin every client relationship by analyzing where your brand stands with your customers, in the market, in the universe, and in terms of your goals. We do it without cryptic explanations or industry jargon—offering you a refreshingly transparent and streamlined process.

You’ll save time and money. You’ll be as hands-on or hands-off as you want with your content marketing strategy. You’ll be happy as a clam as you see the results you want within your budget.

With that said, it’s impossible to not use some jargon when describing what we do. Bear with us while you read through our services! If you have questions, we’re happy to explain in detail.



 Content Strategy


Content Creation

Cat videos are hard to contend with. But we pride ourselves on crafting entertaining, educational, and persuasive video and written content to compete with all the noise. Whether we help you create strategic website copy, blogs, or social media posts, the end result is always something your customers want to consume. We also incorporate SEO keywords to improve your search engine ranking without sounding like a robot. Because keyword stuffing is so 2016. 


Case Studies, white papers, and ebooks

Highlight your most successful projects with engaging case studies, white papers, and eBooks. Our online resources often include original interviews with an editorial spin, industry statistics, and visuals, graphs, and charts to communicate your successes to investors, the media, and potential partners. Put your best foot forward and earn valuable media mentions and SEO links with shareable business content.

website copy optimization

Does your website copy boost SEO and increase conversions? If your audience can’t find your website, understand your product or services, or get excited to do business with you, then your content can work harder. Sometimes a small copy tweak makes a HUGE difference. We’ll help you optimize your website copy so customers get what they need and fork over the moolah with a smile on their face.


seo audits

We offer front and back-end SEO audit services so your site is getting indexed properly with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO best practices allow people to find your content and website organically (and for free)! We recommend an SEO audit every six to 12 months to keep your search engine optimization current. When we conduct an SEO audit, we give you a list of short- and long-tail keywords, along with a full SEO report covering site speed and performance. Our audits include implementation, so we’ll make any changes necessary to title tags, meta descriptions, URL structure and other technical elements to ensure your SEO is tip-top.

email marketing

Don’t waste your email marketing leads! Keep in touch with customers through strategic email marketing campaigns. Re-target abandoned shopping carts or convert existing customers through drip campaigns. Educate your audience about your products or services with an email newsletter. Run referral marketing campaigns. The sky’s the limit! Whether you use this medium to cold email or nurture warm email leads, we help you establish effective customer journeys.

video content

Live video, produced video, and animated video are your customers’ preferred form of content—both on social media and your website. To make a good impression, professional video content is a must. If you have internal talent but need help brainstorming video concepts, we can provide artistic direction and video scriptwriting. We also have a seasoned team to produce live-action videos and motion graphics videos.

Social Media Strategy, Consulting, and Paid Media

social media ads

Social media is increasingly pay-to-play; In short, you need to run ads in addition to publishing organic posts to boost exposure and engagement from your target audience. We provide creative and ad management for paid media on social channels like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Running social ads helps drive traffic to your profile and website to grow your following.

instagram for business

If you don’t focus on Instagram, you may miss a huge opportunity to attract new customers. Let’s fix that! Witty Kitty will help you attract Instagram followers and build Instagram engagement the right way—through targeted Instagram ads, craveable content, fresh hashtags, and savvy strategy. Ask us about IGTV and Instagram Stories too. We have lots of ideas up our sleeve.

facebook for business

Build trust and stoke your brand’s buzz on Facebook. We hunt down the most relevant and interesting content to share—to keep your Facebook audience interested, educated, and thinking about your product or service. Facebook strategy is especially important if you run Facebook ads. Of course, we consult on Facebook Live and Stories too.

pinterest for business

Unsure how to sell your product or service on Pinterest? Let us help you curate Pinterest boards strategically. We craft professional, designed pins to draw the right eyes to your content and drive traffic to your site. Pinners will like and share your products, which builds your online credibility and brand or practice’s awareness. Talk to us about promoted pins too and your Pinterest advertising strategy.

linkedin for business

Linkedin is the professional face investors, potential employees, and future clients see. Shouldn’t it look polished and glowy? We can help you finesse your public image with relevant industry news, original Pulse articles, and thought leadership tactics.

twitter for business

Twitter is the pulse of the internet. Are you tuned in to your industry happenings? Are you a part of the conversation? We’ help businesses take command of your Twitter for Business presence by increasing engagement and honing your brand voice.

Design Services

website design & development

Whether you need a UX optimization or complete website content overhaul, we have talented designers and developers who get it done right the first time—within your timeline and budget! We offer everything from simple WordPress re-skins to custom website development. Most of our clients come to us after a developer goes AWOL or spends thousands of dollars haphazardly. We rebuild this trust in dev and get your website where it needs to be—all while providing a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear for venting.


graphic design & branding

We do it all when it comes to graphic design—from conceptualizing your new logo and branding to creating infographics for your blog and emails and more. We still believe print is en vogue too! We craft attention-grabbing pamphlets, mailers, postcard promotions, and other print collateral for your industry events or conferences. Whatever you need, we make it pretty.


custom classes & one-on-one training

Do you have an internal marketing team you need to train? We can help! We create tailored employee training programs to teach your staff about social media management, SEO, content strategy, and marketing outreach tactics. Each session includes materials, instruction, a working session, and Q&A—so you can become masters of in-house content and save money on marketing. Prefer the one-on-one approach? We also offer individualized training sessions and customized curricula for practically any marketing topic.

speaking events

Looking for women in marketing to speak at your event or conference? Our voices carry, and we aren’t afraid to use them! Send us an email and we’ll be there to entertain, educate, and share actionable tips and tricks earned during our 25+ years as marketing pros and boss ladies. We love passing on our knowledge to other women entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing freelancers.

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