Marketing Consulting and Training

Are you looking for affordable marketing services? Then our digital marketing consulting, social media consulting, and branding consulting is the way to go. Whether you need custom marketing training or guests for a speaking event or marketing class, we’re happy to oblige. Because we’re a 100% women-owned, remote boutique marketing agency, we offer affordable marketing consulting services to businesses of all sizes. And, our HBICs are happy to share their knowledge.

Custom Classes & One-On-One Training

Do you have an internal marketing team you need to train? Do you have questions about if you’re doing social media marketing right? We can help! We create tailored employee training programs to teach your staff about social media, SEO best practices, search engine optimized blog content, content strategy, video marketing, email marketing, and marketing outreach tactics (a.k.a. link building and press mentions). That’s just a tip of the iceberg.

Each session includes materials, instruction, a working session, and Q&A so you can become masters of in-house content and save money on marketing. Prefer the one-on-one approach? We also offer individualized training sessions and customized curricula for practically any marketing topic. You name it. We’ll create a course you want to learn about and make you a master at it.

Women Speakers for Marketing Speaking Events

Looking for women in marketing to speak at your event or conference? Our voices carry, and we aren’t afraid to use them! Send us an email and we’ll be there to entertain, educate, and share actionable tips and tricks earned during our 25+ years as marketing pros and boss ladies. We love passing on our knowledge to other women entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing freelancers. Get to know our women entrepreneurs.

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