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SEO continues to shape-shift, but its importance for your content marketing remains constant. You 100% need to focus on your website’s search engine optimization and SEO optimized content to compete with other brands. Here’s what we recommend you do.

SEO Audits and Implementation

We approach most marketing strategy from a data perspective—starting with SEO and building from there. Because a hypothesis about what customers want is great, but hard data is better. And free organic traffic is always more exciting than paid. Am-I-right?
We offer front and back-end SEO audit services including SEO implementation. Not all agencies do. Each audit delivers a list of SEO keywords, competitive analysis, quick wins for your website, and blog ideas based on search term volume. We also take a look at your mobile responsive design and site speed to see if you should make website development and website design tweaks.

After we’re done, you get an SEO report with actionable items to improve your search engine ranking on Google and more. Plus, we implement all the meta tags and nitty gritties on the front and backend of your website so it’s all prim and proper.

We recommend an SEO audit every six to 12 months to keep your search engine optimization current. If you’ve recently rebranded, added new products or services, or shifted focus to a different demographic, you most likely need an SEO audit for your website ASAP.

SEO Optimized Content

Technical SEO is super important. So is the content you create to round out your SEO strategy. We help brands optimize their websites with SEO-friendly copy and blog posts every day. Learn more about those services.

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