Social Media Management

Social media marketing can feel like a chore. That’s because it often takes brands at least 20 hours per month to manage! We’ll give you your time back by providing full service social media management or consulting to take a load off your shoulders—so you can get back to doing your actual job. What a concept!

Instagram For Business

Instagram for Business is a treasure trove for primed-to-buy customers who want to engage with your brand. Witty Kitty will help you attract Instagram followers and build Instagram engagement the right way—through craveable content, fresh hashtags, and savvy strategy. Ask us about IGTV and Instagram Stories too. We have lots of ideas for Instagram marketing up our sleeves, including paid Instagram ads and custom video shoots if that strikes your fancy.

Facebook For Business

Build trust and stoke your brand’s buzz with Facebook for Business marketing. We approach marketing on Facebook by hunting down the most relevant and interesting content to share. Doing so keeps your Facebook audience interested, educated, and thinking about your product or service. If you plan to run Facebook ads, it’s super important to improve your organic social media posts. That’s because people need to see you have an engaged and active presence to build trust and credibility. Of course, we consult on Facebook Live and Facebook Stories too.

Pinterest For Business

Pins offer the most bang-for-your-buck of any social media marketing channel. That’s because the lifespan of these pins is second-to-none! They’re shared indeterminately and in perperuitity. Literally until the end of time. So how should you sell your product or service on Pinterest Business? Let us help you curate Pinterest Business boards strategically. We can craft eye-catching pins to draw the right eyes to your website and blog content to drive traffic to your site. Talk to us about promoted pins too and your Pinterest advertising strategy.

LinkedIn For Business

Linkedin is the way to go for B2B brands. It’s where you’ll connect with investors, potential employees, and future clients/customers. Shouldn’t it look polished and profesh? We think so. We can help you finesse your public image with relevant industry news, original Pulse articles, and thought leadership tactics. We can also consult on public relations tactics to engage with relevant groups. And that’s not all. We can run paid LinkedIn advertising campaigns too to drum up business for you. Make sure your website is optimized for sharability and social media engagement! That way, you can cross promote your social channels and get better traffic.

 Google My Business Posts

We love Google My Business posts for local marketing for small businesses. Heck, it’s fantastic for large businesses too! These posts attract qualified customers when they search for nearby products and services that pertain to your company. Don’t believe us? The numbers speak for themselves. About 97 percent of people search for local companies, nearly half of all Google searches are for local businesses, and 88 percent of people visit the company they search for online within one day. (Drop mic). Because every post expires within seven days, you need a fresh lineup of curated Google My Business posts to keep customers shopping and doing business with you. We can help with all that and more—from consulting to full Google My Business management.

Twitter For Business

Twitter is the pulse of the internet. Are you tuned in to your industry happenings? Are you a part of the larger conversation? We help businesses take command of your Twitter for Business presence by increasing engagement and honing your brand voice. We can consult on tweeting strategy or take over completely—with design, copy, and scheduling services.

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