Video Marketing

Video: it’s what everybody wants, but not something every brand can produce. Let’s change that! Video marketing is so much more approachable and affordable than you may realize. Especially with an affordable video marketing agency like ours.

Motion Graphics Videos

Looking for a promotional video for your website? Want a quick motion graphics video to teach customers about a product or service? Our video marketing team and animators are skilled at their craft. We’ll deliver motion graphics video concept for you to choose from. Then, we’ll outline our vision with storyboards. With your approval, we’ll bring together the music, voiceover talent, and motion graphics animation necessary for a fully professional video. Use these for years on your website and social media accounts. And if you need help giving your video a home, we have website designers who can assist.

Live Action Videos

Want to produce a talking head video or live action video? Let’s get cracking. We’ll show up with a professional video production team—including lighting and sound—to capture the perfect shots. Then, we’ll get to video editing to turn your live action video into a polished finished product. Video helps your SEO tremendously, so posting your video on your website is a win-win for content and organic search ranking.

Script Writing and Creative Direction for Video Production

This is by far the most affordable video marketing service we offer. We can steer you in the right direction for your video production by providing artistic direction and video scriptwriting. Of course, we provide written content in all forms too.

Video Marketing Consulting

We’re happy to consult you about tools you can use to make videos for your blogs, website, and social media marketing channels. We’ll teach you how to produce high quality videos affordably and in-house.

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