Planoly is one of our favorite tools for planning, organizing, and analyzing the performance of Instagram posts. It’s easy to use, affordable, and packs a mean punch with features like auto-scheduling, a visually appealing calendar and grid system, and hashtag research and curation. For clients that only want to kick start their Instagram, we always suggest this tool!

Unfortunately, social media management can’t always be sunshine and roses. One of the most common issues we’ve run into with scheduling tools is they sometimes don’t play nice with Instagram. Instagram doesn’t like auto-scheduling, so every now and then you’ll have to re-authenticate your account for security purposes. Planoly notifies you promptly, and the process is pretty painless.

Here are the steps for setting up and re-authenicating your Planoly to auto-post to Instagram.

Set Up Auto-Posting on Planoly


1.Create an Instagram Business Profile and Link to Your Facebook Account

To auto-post, you’ll need to convert your Instagram to a business profile. If your profile isn’t already a Business Profile, go into Instagram’s mobile app and go into your settings. You’ll see an option that reads “Switch to Business Profile.” Select it and choose the categories that align best with your industry.

You’ll be prompted to link your Instagram to your Facebook Page. Private Instagram accounts can’t be switched over to Business accounts, so make sure yours is set to public or you won’t be able to proceed.

2. Open Planoly and Authenticate Your Account Through Facebook

If you haven’t already signed up for Planoly, go ahead and do that here. Once you’re in your account, click on the menu at the top right. In the dropdown choose “My Profile” from the options.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a section called “Managed Accounts” where you will find your Instagram profile. Beneath it, there is a toggle that says “Auto-post”. Click on that, and the prompts will guide you through the rest! You’ll again link your Facebook Page to your account through the prompts, and this is easier if you’re already logged into your account on your desktop.

You’ll now be able to select “Enable Direct Instagram Publishing”. Then you’re good to go and can auto-post to your Instagram!

How to Re-authenticate for Instagram Auto-posting

As we mentioned, sometimes for security reasons you’ll need to re-authenticate your Facebook account. It’s easy.

1.Repeat Step #2 Above

All you have to do to re-authenticate your account is repeat step #2 above. To make sure, we usually unlink the Facebook account entirely and then re-authenticate it. We also re-save and scheduled posts for the future just to make sure they will be auto-posted. Pay close attention to make sure your next post goes live as intended. As long as it does, you’ll know re-authentification was a success!

Planoly is a blessing for social media managers, business owners, and agencies. We adore it! We run into very few problems using this scheduling tool, so we are confident you’ll love it as much as we do. Need help filling your Planoly calendar with engaging, strategic posts that grow your following and boost sales? Give Witty Kitty a shout! We can help.



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