Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer

From a young age, I wanted to create. Whether that was making “stews” out of grass and twigs in the backyard or creating sculptures from mangled bits of metal. Let’s just say, I played around in dress-up clothes for a little longer than was socially acceptable.

Fast-forward to senior year in college when my social awkwardness had diminished, but my passion for creativity had not. At this job-seeking  juncture, I was in the midst of a quintessential mental breakdown. When my mom said, “Caroline, relax, you should just be an idea-maker” I literally laughed out loud and scoffed at her lofty notion. Something so fun and perfect simply didn’t exist! I was doomed to toil in some boring office job until retirement saved me. Only Tom Hanks could jump on lifesize keyboards all day-long.

That is, until I found out copywriting was a thing. (Thanks, mom)

With copy, I was able to combine all of my strengths: creative thinking, strategic plotting, and the written word. I quickly applied for a job in Manhattan as a junior copywriter at an advertising agency. I hit the ground running on work as diverse as campaigns for animal welfare advocacy organizations to magical consumer empires (rhymes with Shmizney).

While my career has taken me up and down the Eastern Seaboard, across the country, and into many offices, only the scenery has changed. What remains constant is my drive to create and the inspired way I do so.

Witty Kitty not only makes my obsession with cats painfully obvious, but allows me to use my creative capabilities to help businesses grow.

Get in touch with me at caroline.maurer@wittykittydigital.com to set up a free content audit. At the very least, it’ll give you some food for thought about what you can do in-house to improve your biz.

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