Co Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

My greatest loves in life are writing and psychology—understanding what makes individuals and groups tick. I’ve always been fascinated by finding the motivation behind the action, the emotion hidden in the facial expression, or the coded meaning of what people choose to say versus what they are thinking. This is one of the many reasons I love to cultivate content that engages, enriches, and, most importantly brings in the links and brand recognition that can take a site from search engine hell to optimized heaven.

I started writing creatively when I was very young, and continued to explore the written word in high school, where I published a very controversial underground student newspaper, which I distributed by tossing on the floor and slipping into lockers. It was very cool, and I was even cooler.

In college, I continued the trend by committing myself to journalism and sociology. I learned not only how to write for mass consumption, but also how to research, interview, and charm the pants off pretty much anyone for long enough to guide them to a mutually beneficial (usually) quote. When I graduated I found that news writing didn’t thrill me. I enjoyed feature stories and profiling interesting individuals, but had no love for straight reporting. I wanted to tell stories.

After a stint in Washington D.C. doing public relations and placing clients on popular radio programs, I started blogging. From there I learned more about the editorial process for online publications–when and why they publish, what they want from a pitch, and how I could effectively give them everything they needed to publish my content. I found myself contributing to Huffington Post and Forbes, and placing content pieces in USA Today, Elle Decor, TIME, and many other respected publications. I now bring that expertise to Witty Kitty Creative, and seek to bring recognition to our brands by strategizing content that is so amazing it practically sells itself.

I bring together digital public relations, blogging, content strategy, and technical SEO.

Think we’d be a great fit? Send me an email at clair.jones@wittykittydigital.com. I’ll schedule a free content audit to get you on the right track.

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